Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread

That’s the problem, he didn’t break any law. Bragg is a Democrat. He is being ordered by other Democrats to “hang Trump.”

I guess we’ll see when the evidence is presented in a court of law (or not).

I guess we will. They can arrest him as a political stunt if they want. However, it will gain him more votes since it will open some eyes as to just how crooked the Democrat Party is.

Thanks for using a Fox News article to convince ANYONE that Trump is innocent of ANYTHING.

You might as well have posted his own statements from social media as “proof”


Oh, well let’s see your CNN article then. I’m sure that will be the truth.

The Proud Boys went to NYC to protest a drag show. It didn’t end well for them.

If they weren’t famous already, if I saw someone walking around a drag show in a jacket with “Proud Boys” written on it, I would assume they were roadies or some such.

Also, “I came here to help.” Like fuck you did.

Kind of like those BLM and Antifa groups who burned and looted business.



He was raised in the bay? That explains a few things.

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Yeah, but he had to wear a hat, gloves and a scarf to school in the winter, even though it was 80℉, because Ohio.

Actually, the bay is kind of shallow, water temperatures can get into the 60s.

And not everyone raised in Florida is a lazy, God-taunting, America-hating good for nothing. Just the Governor.

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Of course it was a conspiracy; there were multiple people all working to achieve the same - illegal - outcome.

Meanwhile, Trump says “jump” and McCarthy says “thank you sire, may I have another.”

Crowd control barricades are being set up around the Manhattan court house…

Well when you are considering jailing a very popular President, who didn’t do anything wrong, for purely political reasons, you should probably expect all hell to break loose. This could get very ugly.

Let’s hope law enforcement doesn’t open doors and lead people to the courthouse.

Actually it won’t be.

Almost all if not all media news outlets are biased. They make headlines out of things that appeal to their viewers and omit anything that does not forward their agenda. They push opinion pieces as facts and slant and spin everything in favor of their chosen “side”

Fox news is known to be pro rebublican while CNN is known pro democrat.

Neither should be considered sources.

We no longer live in Walter Cronkite’s world. Maybe his world wasn’t even what we thought.

I would not insult you by using a CNN news article to prove Trump is a crook. You are too smart for that and it would be disrespectful of me. . .

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Seriously? The right’s whining over the last 30 years has been so successful that this both sides angle is a commonly held belief. Drives me nuts. The supposed lefty media bias is a myth, as they go out of their way to let everyone know of the right’s whine du jour. Hell, I know all the shit D Ward whines about before he posts, and I never watch Fox. Conversely, he knows nothing about real news and still thinks those “tourists” were let in and guided on a tour by the police.

Fox equals CNN is a terrible false equivalence.


Don’t you understand by now that “CNN” doesn’t literally mean CNN, but rather “any outlet I don’t implicitly agree with”?

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I don’t doubt that you are more knowledgeable than I am on the subject.

When I watch ANY news program or read a news story anymore its just obvious that either the station, the reporter, anchor, or author will include or leave out, highlight, or hide specifics that promote an opinion.

Thats just what I see and hear.