Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread

No, it’s not.

I’ll be happy for him to be indicted and prosecuted. I can skip the perp walk.

By what means would Kevin McCarthy end the NY investigation? Or, the Georgia investigation? Or the E.J. Carroll defamation case? Or the E. J. Carroll rape investigation? How, exactly, does the Speaker direct the FBI documents case? Does Trump understand that there are three branches of government? Does he think Nancy Pelosi had the authority to direct his FBI?

He still has no idea how any of this works, and his cultist followers couldn’t care less.

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He’s probably also lying about the videos.

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But it would be funny if he weren’t.

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How long before he starts posting national secrets?

Because it a political motivated stunt. It does need to be ended because it is a Democrat/Soros funded stunt to try to take Trump out of the picture.

That reminds me: has anyone else recieved their check from Soros this month? Mine’s a little late but sometimes the mail runs slow.

Even if it were, a US House Representative from California has no authority over the Manhattan District Attorney.

Doesn’t answer the question, does it? Are you in favor of blackmailing the Speaker for not doing something he has no authority to do? Also, when the fuck do I get my Soros check?

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I have mine set up on direct deposit.

The fucker won’t take my calls.

He could call the prosecutors and pressure them to lay off. Eh? Oh.

No but neither is blackmailing a crooked DA to try to railroad Trump into jail so he won’t be a threat to the Democrat’s crooked agenda.

This gets to the crux of the matter. Republicans think that this is a vendetta designed to prevent Prince Donald from returning to office. Democrats and sane Republicans think that it’s mandatory that we prosecute those who abuse the power of their office — ESPECIALLY the President — in order to send a message to future holders of the office to mind their manners.

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Extinct species


If by Republicans, you really mean intellectually dishonest morons.

If Trump would simply ride off into the sunset and get out of politics, the Democrats would not be trying to “hang Trump.” They can’t buy him off and it scares them to death. The only option is to put him in jail to shut him up and get him out of the picture.

Once again, you ignore the possibility that he may have actually violated the law (or several of them). Wanting to find out if that’s the case is not a partisan witch-hunt.

It’s not a witch hunt if they’re really a witch.

I know some principled conservatives, I do not know a single principled Republican

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