Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread

As opposed to your “alternative facts”?

Here is a fact. As long as Democrats and Republicans are so divided, not much is going to happen to help decrease the deficit.

“Facts aren’t facts.”

  • Rudi Giuliani

Donald Trump Is Right: Deficits Don’t Matter | The New Republic

Attn: Lawyers

How can Tacopina represent Trump against Stormy Daniels when he has previously represented Stormy Daniels against Trump?

The Making Attorneys Get Attorneys happened fast with this one.

I got hairy legs.

  • Joe Biden

So if Trump is charged in NY, GA or anywhere else, what does his Secret Service detail do while he is being arrested and processed?

Not something that we will have to worry about considering it is all a political stunt.

Delete their phone and email history.


Mark your calendars.

That jackass is the leaker, and if the crime is disproven, why did his guy in DOJ prosecute it against Cohen, and win, btw. Pretty odd for a disproven act.

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He’s “Truthing” himself into more obstruction charges.

At this point, the only way he stays out of jail is by a violent coup by the Gravy Seals that installs him as El Presidente. However, the best assessment of the likelihood of the success of such an operation has already been made by Neal Brennan.


They’re proving Brennan’s point.

Yeah, helicopters are a thing you dumb fucks. And military ones aren’t that vulnerable to medium arms fire.

Because it is a political stunt led by Democrats. This whole case is driven by Democrats. They know Trump will win an election in a landslide and are desperate to get him out of the picture. They may get him arrested but when he’s out shortly there after, it will only make him stronger and get him more votes when people see just how corrupt everything is getting.

Trump is not getting arrested.


This. So tired of people promoting this, it’s close to on par with Qanon

Speaking of Reagan, who is Patient Zero for the epidemic of batshittery that we are living with today, never forget that he conspired with a sworn enemy of the United States in order to gain an advantage in an election.

Nothing Trump does or has ever done is original.


He thinks he is. Also, they have already made a special set of handcuffs for him.


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He hopes he is.

He is going to throw everyone under the bus before he’s done.

Including his kids.