Inevitable You-Know-Who Thread

You’re correct…more than worthless

You strike me as someone who loves free government money. I bet you were a big Bernie supporter.

Spare parts aren’t worthless. It’s good to have spare parts. I took that as a compliment. Spare parts can save money. I know saving money isn’t something you support, though since you are a Biden supporter. Democrats love adding to our deficit by printing more money.

But you are.

This is a thread about Donald Trump. You are the one that keeps trying to obscure the subject. I give zero shits about your opinion on President Biden. You have never, not even once, made a single redeeming point of view about the subject matter of this thread. It is constantly deflection. Deflection. Deflection. And then after a few months… more deflection.


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I mean this in all sincerity. There was a time when I tried to take you seriously. Then you kept posting.


My favorite DWard trope is him railing on CNN then never saying where he gets his news. I assume it’s OANN or some MyPillow substack . But I’d love for him to have the stones to admit what he thinks are legit news sources. He will dodge the question though. SAD!

He avowedly does not read twitter or facebook (fb was my first guess)…it is narrowing things down a bit

He reminds me of my dad’s ridiculous political chain emails back 15 years or so ago

Just as I thought. You couldn’t think of one thing good that Biden has accomplished. I’ve learned that when you ask this question to a hardcore liberal, they try to change the subject by turning to insults.

If you were parts, you would have already been taken across the scales, recycled and made into something of use.

Where do you get your news from? I don’t think any of the national news networks tell you the complete truth. CNN is the worst. They rely on people who can’t think for themselves to buy in to their narrative. You have to pick and choose from many of the news outlets and come to your own conclusion by critical thinking, which many people lack. You need to look at the economy and the prices you pay for goods. The economy is in terrible shape with Banks failing and prices for goods skyrocketing. A recession is inevitable.

C’mon, man, be better than this.

If you don’t want to study the chart, the apolitical crib notes are: Reagan took the deficit from $70 billion to $175 billion. Bush 41 took it to $300 billion. Clinton got it to zero. Bush 43 took it from zero to $1.2 trillion. Obama halved it to $600 billion. Trump got it back to a trillion.


There is a pattern since Reagan of Republican administrations running the country into the ditch financially, and Democratic administrations pulling it out. Rinse, repeat.

Now look at the fact that banks are failing. They failed catastrophically in 2008, under W. Bush, after years of GOP deregulation had let the banks basically operate like casinos. Not good casinos, Trump casinos. So, when Democrats took over, they (and some Republicans) put in place regulations that would stop the banks from being so reckless so that we would not have to bail them out again.

One of the first things Trump did after taking office in 2017 - after removing restrictions on people with mental issues buying guns, that is - was to soften the banking regulations imposed by Democrats. Fast-forward 6 years, and here we are, banks failing and a Democratic administration is having to step in and shovel up the mess.

This is all bad enough. But I may need to buy a new TV if I see another barely sentient GOP fuckwit on there claiming that this is Biden’s fault.

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Let’s extend this chart to the Biden years.

I do agree that Bill Clinton was a great President. He might have been one of the best the country ever had.

Next to Biden, George Bush is one of the biggest idiots to ever run the country.

Why didn’t Biden change it back if what you say is true?

You do know that the federal deficit is a 1-year direct and 2-year indirect lagging indicator, right? Biden is directly “responsible” from January 2022 and just became fully “responsible” in Jan 2023.

To that effect, with the lagging indicator, Obama was responsible for the deficit increase leading up to the pandemic.

You’re wasting your time presenting facts and evidence to the flerfs and wingnut Republicans. Reality simply doesn’t enter their thinking.



Democrats like “facts” when they can spin it to benefit their agenda.