HOF 2023

This reminds me it’s time to watch Oceans 11 again.

I was gonna mention that one. Also 12 Monkeys, Kalifornia, and True Romance.

Inglorious Bastards.

I disliked that movie, but it had little or nothing to do with Pitt. Sometimes Tarentino is clever, and sometimes he’s gratuitous. Inglorious Bastards was the latter.

I thought it was pretty great.

I liked it in spite of Pitt. I just think he’s an awful actor.

I think he has a bad voice and is miscast as a leading man.

Significant Sigma Chi Brad Pitt was el terrible circa Seven, Legends of the Fall, Meet Joe Black, etc. He learned how to act, though.


He all but ruined ‘12 Monkeys’ for me with his over-the-top hysteria.

Official announcement tomorrow evening.

In the Thibodaux tabulations (46.7% of votes counted):

Wagner is currently running at 73.5%. Best guess is he falls a tad short this time but then becomes a slam dunk to get elected next year.

Kent currently at 51.9%. He’ll have to rely on the Contemporary Era Committee to get in since this is his last year on the BBWAA ballot. Players of his era like Fred McGriff (39.8%), Lee Smith (50.6%) and Harold Baines (6.1%) failed in the BBWAA vote but eventually got in via the committee route so there’s a pretty good chance he will eventually as well.

Beltran (55.7%), Abreu (19.5%) and Pettitte (17.3%) will all return to the ballot next year.

And, bingo. Wagner misses with 68% and will almost certainly make it in ‘24. Rolen is the only one elected on the writers’ ballot, joining McGriff as the ‘23 inductees.

Beltran gets 46.5%.

Finished at 46.5% (up from 32.7% in '21).

Rolen only had 10.2% on his first go-around in 2018.

First player ever to get less than 15% on his first ballot, but then earn election by the writers.

Actually, there have been several. Bob Lemon got 11.9% his first year, Bill Terry only got 4% on his first go, and Lou Boudreau got a paltry 1.0%. Gabby Hartnett got 0.8% (just two votes). Maybe others too.

Rabbit Maranville got 12.4% on his first ballot, and eventually got in, but that was in the first couple of years when the voting goals and process was different.

Bert Blyleven got 17.5% on his first ballot, but then fell to 14.1% on his second. On his 10th, he got 47.7%, but he was under the old 15-year rule, so who knows what it would have been had it been his last.

Well – my bad. Thanks, MLB.com, for steering me wrong!

(This is still in their article: “In the history of the BBWAA voting process, no player had ever gotten less than 15% support on his first ballot and gone on to be elected by the writers.”)

Is there any less relevant media group than the BBWA?

I suppose it may be a tie amongst them and many others.

White House press corps.