HOF 2023

Tired of those discussions about the cheating scandal? Oh just you wait mothers and fuckers as people start invoking the character clause when talking about this guy…

And another nine years of A-Rod, who didn’t even crack 35% this time around.

Clemens and Schilling among the Group of 8 That Many Will Hate…

All of these guys were just on the ballot, what has changed for them?

They’re Contemporary now.

5 with Astros ties on the ballot.

As far as Will’s dad over his last 7 years on the ballot: 10.5%, 10.2%, 11.1%, 16.7%, 31.7%, 46.4% and 51.0%.

Jeff Kent will be interesting. He was a great hitter. Looks to be his last year on the ballot too.

This is very interesting to me.

I need to see who the 16 voters are which will be very impactful.

Each voter can vote for up to 3 candidates.

Each candidate must get at least 12 votes to be elected.

Only a max of 48 votes can be cast and 4 candidates can be elected

I can see several of these candidates getting 7-11 votes and nobody elected

Is that different than easy listening?


I find all kinds of info for the candidates

Can’t find who the 16 committee members are.

Anyone have any luck?

does anything like 98FM KFMK exist anymore? Did I get those call letters right?

ETA–Full disclosure, I have a 6hr yacht rock playlist that I listen to often while working so 98 would probably be a station I could tolerate if I went back to 1982.

Music was better in '82. But not as good as in '72.


Arte Fucking Moreno???

Dave St. Peter is President/CEO of the Twins.

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Thanks !!

A guy who has no postseason success with his superstars?

There’s a vote for Bonds.

Results of the Contemporary Baseball Era Players Ballot (12 votes needed for election): Fred McGriff (16 votes, 100.0%); Don Mattingly (8 votes, 50%); Curt Schilling (7 votes, 43.8%); Dale Murphy (6 votes, 37.5%); Albert Belle, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Rafael Palmeiro each received less than four votes.

A very sweet swing.

With 16 votes he took a bite outta the others’ chances. It’s a crime.



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McGriff should have been in years ago.