HOF 2023

My big memory from McGriff was the day he made his Braves debut. During pregame, a fire broke out in a luxury suite next to the radio booth (apparently started by a sterno container that got knocked over).

The game was delayed but later in the game, McGriff hit a home run.

I was in the hospital that day recovering from a knee surgery due to a post op infection. A lot happened during the summer of 93 (including a trip to the Astrodome to watch a game) but I will always remember where I was when McGriff made his Atlanta debut.

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It’s going to be interesting to see A-Roid’s vote climb as he sucks off everyone he can from his perch on-camera.

FWIW, Wags doing well in the early tabulations…

I hope Wagner gets in. There was no closer more dominant than him in that era.


I wonder what team he goes in as if he does.

He has a ways to go but I would be shocked, if it’s not the Astros.


I would be also, esp. with his son doing well in the org.


As of now Beltran is at 48.5% on the ballot. Not bad for a first time candidate with his accumulated stats.

and the baggage he has

He rejoined the Yankees. All his sins are washed clean.


My thoughts, exactly. Besides, he developed his camera system while playing for NYY. That does not count.

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Ex-Philly Enquirer writer explains his ballot.

And writes this about Beltran…

It was Beltran who MLB said was the mastermind of the Houston Astros cheating scandal in 2017 when they won the World Series. MLB said Houston used an intricate electronic method to steal signs and the only player named as the ringleader was Beltran.

It cost him the job of the New York Mets manager and at least for now, is costing him this vote.

Beltran himself said that the Astros World Series title was “stained” by the scandal.

The fact that he was the mastermind, well, that was cheating the game. He was not a slam dunk candidate before this occurred, but he did have a lot in his favor. For now, he will remain off this ballot.

Should all the Astros be punished? That will be answered later, but for being the mastermind, Beltran pays the price on this ballot.

And for those who don’t think it was a big deal, both the Yankees and Dodgers, who lost to Houston in seven-game series in the ALCS and World Series respectively, didn’t hold back on their criticism of the Astros.

Beltran still running at about 48% with 11% of the ballots tabulated. Wagner is at 69% and Jeff Kent (last year on the BBWAA ballot) at 47%. Andy Pettitte and Bobby Abreu at 22% and 20% respectively.

That shit will never die. Where does this hatchet man think Beltran brought the system from?



The shit will live on forever. Santa brought me a 2022 World Series book, published by the Houston Chronicle, and even it’s pretty heavy on the “tainted” 2017 title. Fuck the haters, even those who purport to be Astros fans.


It just makes me laugh that Yankee and Dodger fans don’t think that their teams weren’t doing similar things.


I have one and saw that. I fucking hate it.

My spokesman has issued a statement:



Love that.