General TV Thread

Really gets going in Ep 3 and starts to blow your mind consistently from Ep 4 onwards.


This. This exactly. I rarely truly binge but I couldn’t stop after ep 4.

If you don’t start Ep 5 immediately after Ep 4 ends, you’re some kind of psycho.

I guess I need to go back and try it again. I got to three and gave up.

Watch Ep 4 and then strap in.

S3 of Slow Horses ended in kind of a rush. Lots of telling, not showing. All felt a little flat given the body count.

I just started S2 of Slow Horses, and I’m looking at the Russian defector guy in S2E2 thinking “who the hell is that”? Then it hits me: that’s Boris the Blade!

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Just got caught up on Fargo and holy shit this season is BRINGING IT. John Hamm is just chewing on the fucking walls.

That latest episode was amazing.

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I’m caught up on this season’s Reacher.

Pretty darn enjoyable. Probably best filed under the guilty pleasure category.

The team dynamic brings an extra layer to the show - especially the sexy math lady.

Maybe it’s just me, but I do not get any sense of Team Reacher being in peril at any time during any episode.


Yes, some of the original team members are dead, but they were all killed prior to Reacher’s involvement and mostly off-screen. Basically we saw the one dude dropped from a helicopter and that has been the end of the toll on Team Reacher.

They killed the friendly cop, but I don’t think that counts.

First time I’ve had any interest in Reacher.

(What’s up, Danica McKellar?)

She can really integrate a differential.

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I enjoyed various characters in S1 making fun of his size.

Glad to see the team picking up that baton and smashing his nuts with it.

And his homeless lifestyle. He must smell like an wildebeest.


This week’s Reacher has dropped.

And I have to say, I never keep up with streaming series in real time. Or regular series for that matter.

I just watched The Wire last year for crying out loud.

Anyway this week’s episode was good but dammit now I want the next one.

I want to binge!

wild ass conjecture

“Someone’s targeting the 110th” has been a theme. I’m wondering if their old C.O. is the one pulling the T-1000’s strings.

I liked the Soul Coughing outro theme as well.

Let the man go thru

Totally bad ass.

The actor playing the psycho “AM” in Reacher S2 is Ferdinand Kingsley. I found out yesterday that he’s Ben Kingsley son.


Did that insulin monitor commercial not focus group the phrase “I didn’t know such a little prick could be so powerful”?


Enjoyed the finale of Reacher just like I did the rest of the season. And the first season for that matter.

A buddy of mine put it aptly: it’s a fun cartoon.