General TV Thread

I’m a huge sci-fi fan and the sci-fi tv thread is awesome but it’s become a bit off topic. So let’s create a thread for non-scifi TV related shit and i’ll start…

I just finished watching seasons 1 and 2 of “You” on netflix and thought it was terrific. The plot can be a bit unbelievable at times but the dialog is fantastic and the acting terrific. If you liked Dexter i think you’ll like You.

Season 3 I believe comes out sometime this year.

I have been watching Netflix some, and my favorite genre is the documentaries. The one on the Night Stalker case is really good, IMO.

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As with my reading, I much prefer real narratives to fiction. Of which, truth is often stranger than.

Have you checked out “The Ripper”? Documentary series about a serial killer in northern England during the 1970s. I thought it was quite good.


I’m not a huge fan of new stuff. Gunsmoke is my go to. Cheyanne, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Wanted Dead or Alive are also good ones. If I’m not in a Western mood, Fantom Works, Graveyard Cars and the American Pickers are all go to’s.

Western: Godless

Directed by the guy who did Queen’s Gambit.

Not yet, but I will.

Second on the Ripper. In addition to being an excellent telling of that horrific story, it’s a case study in how well-meaning people fucked up (to the point of unthinkable, unnecessary suffering) because of misogyny, arrogance and group-think.


Not addressed in the show is that once-beloved UK media personality Jimmy Savile (think Dick Clark) visited Sutcliffe in prison as part of his seemingly tireless altruism. They struck up an unexpected relationship, with Savile being a regular visitor.

After Savile’s death, it turned out that he was a disgusting pervert; part of a paedophile ring of BBC radio and TV personalities who used their fame to gain access to and molest children. One of Savile’s more depraved practices was to visit with young girls in psychiatric hospitals who were sedated and restrained, and rape them. It is theorized that this may have been driven by a necrophilia fetish.

Then someone joined the dots. If you plot Sutcliffe’s attacks with the whereabouts of Savile, there is a huge correlation. Not just in the same city/town; Savile was within a few hundred yards of a large number of the attacks. No one has proved anything further - and likely never will - but it’s a further twist in two very twisted tales.

And The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Coen brothers, western short stories.


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Buster Scruggs is great.

For anyone who likes dramedy, I cannot recommend Atypical on Netflix highly enough.

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Didn’t see it mentioned in the other thread, but The Good Place is a great great show. Great cast, very smart writing, subtle humor.


I’m going to binge watch that show soon.

Second this. Also Community. Last season isn’t quite up to the level of the previous seasons, but overall the show was one of the best comedies on television during its run. (IMHO)

I would argue Community’s last season was actually a work of art, considering what they were left to work with from the cast.

The real travesty is the gas leak season, Season 4. Dan Harmon was fired (and consequently brought back for Season 5), and the writing really took a dive. Still some gems, but overall the character behavior and development are SUPER wonky.

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Agree on the praise for Community. Great sitcom.

If you happen to have HBO Max and are in to foreign shows, check out the Italian crime drama Gomorrah. I believe it was on Netflix at one point but only seasons 1-2. HBO Max currently has seasons 1-3 with season 4 supposedly airing sometime later this year and season 5 next year.

“I won Dungeons & Dragons! And it was advanced!”

That’s a great point regarding the last season and I think equally applicable to Season 4. Even Harmon admitted the writers did the best they could under some fairly tenuous circumstances.

All that being said, Community is still one of the best shows I’ve seen in at least the ten years.

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100 percent.

It’s one of my favorite TV shows ever.

I’ve been enjoying a couple of Canadian sitcoms, Kim’s Convenience on Netflix and Mr. D on Prime.