General TV Thread

I enjoyed the movie and it is about as Tom Cruise as a Tom Cruise movie can get. But I understand that it’s not the character from the books so I can see why people steeped in the series would be non-plussed by Cruise as Reacher.

However, Rosamund Pike.

I can’t quite look at her the same after her character gutted whats-his-name in Gone Girl.

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He ignored his own rules.


She was smoking hot, but still the wrong side of the line.

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She and Halle Berry go very, very high in the Bond Girl duo rankings.

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The TV character is a better match physically, but the book character is more of a stoic Clint Eastwood type instead of Deadpool for normies…

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TV/Movie heroes gotta quip.

Apparently, this was 41 years ago today.

Fake news!


Hannah Waddington (from Ted Lasso) has quite the soulful singing voice.

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Can I interest you in a Rebecca/Ted duet?


Waddingham has a punch-you-in-the-face voice to rival Gaga. So glad she is having a moment. Long may it continue.

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I love that she had to dial it back for the karaoke scene because it was so unrealistic that Rebecca could have Hannah’s singing chops.

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You don’t get to have a stage career like she’s had without being able to rattle the teeth of those in the back rows.

That’s my favorite episode of the show; there’s just so much great stuff packed into it.

You can hear the preamp on her mic saying, “You want me to do what now?”

Like when they had to slow down the footage of Ewan McGregor and Ray Park dueling at the end of The Phantom Menace because it looked fake when played at actual speed.


So I’ve finished both seasons of Shoresy now. One of my favorite things was the “Huh?” following up a question after too long a beat. It’s genuinely annoying, but it was hilarious seeing how regulars actually factored it in to their responses, while newbies crashed headlong into it.

Also, I guess they couldn’t get the rights to the name “Slap Shot”.

Thinking of making my next vacation trip to Sudbury, ON.

Yeah, so.

There’s an impossible amount of good-looking women in Sudbury.

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And I hear that the Pitter Patter Panini is incredible.

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