General TV Thread

“What is time, Higgs-Boson?” is the best line I’ve heard so far as I’m watching it.

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The only problem with Beard is that I don’t give one tiny rat’s ass about Jane


I was unsure how Ted’s mom would mesh. I was glad she stayed behind for the game (there was enough happening there) and of course her inclusion in the episode added a nice layer for a fuller picture of Ted. .

The thank you/F you conversation was well done especially the truth dagger she delivered in the end about Henry. The look on Ted’s face when he said “I know” alone should win the Emmy.


I don’t think we’re supposed to like Jane much anyway. She’s sort of the foil to Beard’s otherwise amazing presence.

It’s not a matter of like or dislike. I’m just tired of hearing about her, because the jokes about her are some of the only painfully unfunny material in the series.

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Honestly, the only acting that didn’t blow me away was when Jamie had his breakdown in the boot room.

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I 100 percent agree with this.

Yeah, I’m not sure what that was

I’m sure several here could qualify

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Ted Lasso finale tonight. It usually drops at 8 Houston time, but apple announced it isn’t being released until 11 pm. Ugh

It’s probably going to be longer than an hour, too.

I think I saw it’s almost 1.5 hours

So you’re going to need to block out at least 2 hours. 1.5 to watch it, and another 30 mins at least afterwards to handle the emotional trauma.

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Just finished the Barry finale.

No spoilers here, but man, what a perfect ending for a darkly hilarious show.

For some reason this weekend, I started watching “Homeland”. And now I have another 7 seasons through which to plow.

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Great show, worth it.

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I was aware of the overarching premise before going in, but I know none of the details. I was hooked very early on, and binged through S1 in two days.

All 8 seasons are on Hulu.

Spoiler for Decade-Old TV Show

It was obvious that Brody was not going to be successful in his plan to blow up the VP, but I was more than a little disappointed that the miserable fucker (VP) didn’t meet an horrific end.

This is a safe place, right?

Because I still haven’t seen The Wire.

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Me neither.

Three of us. Nor have I seen The Sopranos.