General Movie Thread

Ask yourself, “Who had the most to gain?”

(I love The Young Ones.)

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Quoting Trump in the movies thread? Weird.


It would be interesting to see the ratings of girl dad’s verses boy dad’s and no kids.
I haven’t seen it yet but I have had several parents of teen girls say their daughters commented after the movie - “I remember the day when I started feeling and thinking the things Riley does”.

More reason to buy physical copies of your favorite stuff now. Once they phase out physical media, we will all be at the mercy and whim of the streaming networks.

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I understand why their business model does not work in the age of streaming, but “A Bad Idea” is totally wrong


It was a great idea for decade or so.


It filled the gap between Blockbuster dying and Netflix/streaming rising. I used to use it every week or so.

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Speaking of dead technology, the marketing team for Alien: Romulus sent out a promotional clip from the movie…on VHS. It came in a beaten up cardboard sleeve too. I want one.

Fan Theory

Some people believe that the (non-VHS) trailers for the movie show the Narcissus - the Nostromo’s shuttle - attached to the Romulus station.

What if Ripley was found in the estimated 10 weeks, but the company nabbed the shuttle - with a xenomorph still attached - and used the DNA (or whatever xenos have) to create facehuggers?

The shuttle and Ripley would then be cast adrift with all record of the alien removed. This would explain why she wasn’t found for 57 years and why there was no trace or record of the alien, because the company had wiped everything clean.

I wonder if anything can clear up this plot hole between the first (only?) two movies: if the company knew there was something on LV-426 such that they set up the crew of the Nostromo to go and get it, why did they not go back for nearly 40 years?

Not only that, when they did finally go back to terraform that “rock”, why didn’t they bother looking for the derelict ship? It wasn’t until Ripley showed up 20 years after settling the planet that Burke (boooooooo) sent the settlers to go and look for it.

This is probably the only real plot hole between these movies. I love how they are totally different and yet totally connected. Can’t wait to see how Alvarez walks the path between the two.

I know you’re a fan of both the movie and physical media…have you heard about this?

On some recent flights I managed to watch to the two (recent) Dune movies.

For background, I barely remember the David Lynch movie (Sting saying ‘I WILL kill HIM’ in a weird cadence stands out) and never read the books.

I enjoyed both movies, though the first one took a while to gather momentum. Jason Mamoa is a cool dude who can play any role as long as the role is Jason Mamoa. I found him distracting. Bautista was great as a sniveling psychopathic bully.

For a plot rife with politics and lineages I thought they told the story pretty well. At least a Dune newbie like myself could keep up with it. I’m sure the novels wove things together in much more detail.

And the visuals/sound: chef’s kiss.


I didn’t know about this until the trailer showed up on my feed. Then I thought it was probably a bad idea to try to remake this. Then I watched the trailer…

…and I was right.

That does not look like it’ll have midg… little people or gratuitous nudity.



…or funny jokes.


Who’s playing Lucifer?

Looks like Jermaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords.

I like FOTC, but Lucifer is supposed to be supremely malevolent, and Jermaine just isn’t that. Like casting tall people for the roles of the bandits.