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Season of Miracles

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Quebec Liberation Front.

Asian Dawn? Or are they New Provo Front?

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I’m sorry but the real fighters are the Liberation Front of Quebec

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Stumbled across this antique a couple days ago, a delightful combo of “Crocodile Dundee” & “Secondhand Lions”.

Roger Ebert liked it:
The World’s Fastest Indian is a movie about an old coot (Burt Munroe) and his motorcycle…

Anthony Hopkins plays Burt; fun to watch.

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I’ll have you know that the People’s Front of Judea is our common enemy.

In my ongoing process of upgrading my physical media library to 4K, I have broken one of my own rules and paid a premium for a movie. My loose rule is that I won’t buy something until the price has dropped to <$15 if new or <$10 if used. But my rule-breaker arrived today, and I couldn’t be more stoked.

Lawrence of Arabia.

The fully restored, original length movie including the Overture and Intermission.

That’s a big chunk of this weekend taken care of, then.


You’re welcome.

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The Reality Bites house is scheduled for demolition.

I don’t want to see these movies.

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Speaking of movie houses. I can’t remember if I told this story here before or not. When we moved back to Alabama, my son had to take an Alabama History class to graduate so he is a Jr in a class full of Freshmen. One of the kids one day says, “Hey you can drive. Do you want to mow our families yard while we are on vacation?” My son went to check out the house and yard. He ended up cutting the yard of the house from Big Fish. He even had to clean the leaves out of the stone swimming pool as a part of the job.

ETA: there were no fish in the pool

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The Best We’ve Got: The Carl Erskine Story.
You can’t spend a more uplifting 90 minutes.
Don’t think it is scheduled for any theaters. It has been running on some.PBS stations,

Best news I’ve heard all day.

:“First Omen” is awesome if you can get into this type of “scare” and is a good movie even if you can’t. Some good stuff in there, esp. the female-centric story, cool riffs off of ‘The Exorcist’ and 'Rosemary’s Baby" and outstanding technique esp. in the audio track. All of the “Omen” memes are respected which is fine by me.

Is it just scary or is it violent/bloody? I like a good scary/creepy movie (like The Ring for example) but blood and gore are not my thing. I hate that shows like GoT, American Gods etc are so gratuitous because we would probably like them otherwise.


Blood and massive gore. The “scare” is the religious subplot, which doesn’t work for everyone and must be suffered by them. Works fine for me, for 2 hours. There are very strong feminist and anti-Church of Rome arcs that could/should be seen by all but may not justify 2 hours of one’s time. To me, it is one of the very best horror movies in a long time. Bonus points for directorial debut, more bonus points for a female director, approaching a “District 9” level of “Hello, World.”

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