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You don’t remember the palm trees in Union Square? Those are pretty scarce in New York.

No, I didn’t. I rewatched it recently and felt like I totally interpreted it wrong on the watch years ago. First time, I assumed that they were recorded unaware; last watch, I concluded that they knew they’d be recorded and set Hackman up from the beginning.

Either way, that movie holds up real well.

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I’ll just note that no one’s mentioned one of the great movies, Big Trouble in Little China.

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That reminds me, did anyone mention Chinatown?


E.T.- filmed in NorCal and SoCal.

Born in East L.A., a cinematic masterpiece.

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No horseshit.

Los Feliz was a fun place to live.

I could play the nine hole Roosevelt Golf Course at Griffith Park before work. I also miss the Dresden piano bar.

I does sound like a cool place.

Los Feliz is a relaxed hillside enclave that draws both established and up-and-coming creative types. There are plenty of old-school watering holes, hip shops and cafes, plus the Vista Theatre, a 1923 movie palace, and a pair of exemplary Frank Lloyd Wright homes. The neighborhood borders sprawling Griffith Park, beloved by locals for its hiking, concerts at the Greek Theatre and stargazing at Griffith Observatory.

It sounds happy.

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Late to the party but two LA movies I haven’t seen mentioned:

Stand & Deliver
White Men Can’t Jump

I drove thru Modesto on 99 last weekend. It’s… the same as it ever was. As were all the Central Valley 99 M’s. Modesto, Merced, Madera, Manteca….

I have a very good friend who’s from Modesto. They only reason he ever goes back is because of family.

We just watched American Graffiti. I could have sworn it was set in Stockton.


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I’ll be in my bunk.

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That’s amazing! So real!

I didn’t dislike the new Indiana Jones at all. It’s not great, but there’s plenty of fun in there. There’s no reason it needed to be made but it’s head and shoulders above Crystal Skull.