General Movie Thread

How does any discussion of LA movies not include Pulp Fiction?


Or Repo Man?

I used to live in Los Feliz, which is adjacent to Hollywood. Almost all of my neighbors were “in the business”. This is exactly the kind of backyard BBQ conversation that was common there.

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The Great Outdoors
A Walk in the Clouds
Shoot the Moon
The Gnome-Mobile
Jennifer 8
The Majestic
Humbolt County
East of Eden
Smokin’ Aces

All Northern California but not Bay Area.

Fat City: Stockton
Cutter’s Way: Santa Barbara

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If you’re doing northern CA:

Dirty Harry
Ant Man and the Wasp

Sideways is a great movie but it’s not No Cal.

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Great film. John Huston, Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrell, Candy Clark…

They filmed quite a bit of the movie in Napa, where it’s supposed to also take place, so definitely Bay Area. Fun fact, the vineyard that burns in the movie was burned in real life as well. The owners were going to rip it out anyway and replant. They happily accepted the studio’s offer to pay them to burn the vines.

Geographically, Modesto may qualify as Northern California. Culturally, it’s defiantly/proudly the Central Valley.

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Yeah I always consider it just outside the Bay Area. The Napa and Sonoma counties as kind of their own area.

The Birds - Bodega Bay
Shadow of a Doubt - Santa Rosa
Dark Passage - Bay Area and lots of great San Francisco 40s locations

Wasn’t at least part of American Graffiti shot in Petaluma (downtown)?

Yes, I think that’s right, but Lucas was from Modesto so that’s where it’s supposed to be set.

Mulholland Falls

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I’ll be in my bunk…

Were you in your bunk or was it all a dream?

Either way, there were a couple of very large pillows.

The Conversation.

Return of the Jedi - Redwood National Park

You’re not necessarily wrong. Napa and Sonoma are certainly Bay Area but also differ significantly from other counties because we’re so heavily ag as opposed to residential.

Napa in particular is a federally recognized agricultural preserve, so we’re rather limited as to how much urban development is allowed. Unlike, say, Santa Clara in the South Bay which as recently as the 70’s had a large agricultural presence but now is more or less urban sprawl.

Was that set in California?

All the locations I remember were the square where the conversation was recorded, Hackman’s office/warehouse, the hotel and his apartment at the end. I would have guessed NYC or Boston.