General Movie Thread

That Jenny is a star in the making.

Garjis book.

Wait, how in the hell is this only Angela Bassett’s second nomination?

Mel Gibson knows.

Happy Birthday Rosamund Pike.

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Over the storied history of the franchise, Halle Berry and Rosalind Pike may be the best Bond girl duo.

Unfortunately, they were in the worst movie.

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I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!

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Sorry, she was too scary in Gone Girl. I’ll stick to safer fantasy women.


That book freaked me out completely

Pike would clearly be the frontrunner to play Ivanka Trump in a movie but, as good an actress as she is, I’m not sure that she could pull off the robotic lack of emotion the part would require.

Get Kristen Stewart on the phone


She’s a fantastic actress, I’ll die on this hill.*

*might be relevant to this opinion that I’ve never seen a Twilight movie

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Kristanna Loken did a pretty good job as her in Terminator 3

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Cocaine Bear???

Insane. Makes Sharknado look tame.