General Movie Thread

I don’t think we can be friends anymore.

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Watched the Weird Al movie last night. As a fan of his I enjoyed it a lot although I thought the first half was quite a bit funnier than the second half. It was also cool to see who popped up in bit parts–Emo Phillips, Michael McKean, Jack Black, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Conan O’Brien among others.

And as someone who listened to his show back in the day I now want my Dr. Demento movie.

I grew up in a Ray Stevens family, so with virtually zero context for Weird Al I suspect the movie will be a fun watch.

For those eagerly anticipating it like me: Glass Onion (the Knives Out sequel) will be in theaters for a limited run during the week of Thanksgiving before coming to Netflix a month later. I just booked tickets for that Wednesday.

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I’ve been a longtime Weird Al fan, but for a long time I struggled to imagine exactly what this movie would be, based on the various Internet news that trickled out.

Having seen it now, it is 100% what you should get if you combine the folks at Funny or Die with the folks who made UHF.

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Nailed it.

Glass Onion: Meh.

That might be too kind.

I never understood the hype around “Knives Out”. Turned it off half way through.

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I was never at risk of turning it off but I wouldn’t rate it higher than “ok”

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It’s one of those movies that I started with around 70 minutes left in a flight and never finished. I’m curious, sure, but not all that put out without knowing how it ended.