Ex-Astros News 2023

I’m lost. What does that have to do with Chirinos? Did I miss something?

Forget it, he’s rolling.


Carlos Correa’s average fell down to .185 tonight as he’s starting to hear boos in Minnesota


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So sad

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“I’d boo myself, too, with the amount of money I’m making, and I’m playing like that,” Correa said.

Perfect throw: Stubbs with a stikeout DP in the 8th before a Phils comeback…

Still has the wheels: Gurriel’s triple in consecutive games

I thought this was about Franklin Stubbs?

He’s a geezer.

J.D. Martinez has now hit in 12 straight games, going 18-for-53 with five homers in that span. For the month of Ma he’s hit .313 with six homers. Martinez boosted his slash line to .276/.315/.586 with eight homers and 33 RBI through 165 plate appearances this season.

Martinez will always be one that got away. I always felt he could hit at this level, and I was disappointed when the Astros just gave up on him, though I understood at the time why they did.