Ex-Astros News 2023

I’m lost. What does that have to do with Chirinos? Did I miss something?

Forget it, he’s rolling.


Carlos Correa’s average fell down to .185 tonight as he’s starting to hear boos in Minnesota


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So sad

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“I’d boo myself, too, with the amount of money I’m making, and I’m playing like that,” Correa said.

Perfect throw: Stubbs with a stikeout DP in the 8th before a Phils comeback…

Still has the wheels: Gurriel’s triple in consecutive games

I thought this was about Franklin Stubbs?

He’s a geezer.

J.D. Martinez has now hit in 12 straight games, going 18-for-53 with five homers in that span. For the month of Ma he’s hit .313 with six homers. Martinez boosted his slash line to .276/.315/.586 with eight homers and 33 RBI through 165 plate appearances this season.

Martinez will always be one that got away. I always felt he could hit at this level, and I was disappointed when the Astros just gave up on him, though I understood at the time why they did.



Maybe he’s got the wrong jersey on.

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Thoughts and prayers to the $40 million man.


The writer (and his editor) is a doofus. JV has 3 Cy’s, dummies.

How aggravating must this be for other teams:

What I find interesting and slightly satisfying is that these pitchers that come to Houston and have their careers transformed think they can just internalize all of it and take it with them wherever they go when they follow the $$.


And if you want to make the bet that you’ve internalized it all, maybe try it before the clock strikes 40.

Good piece on the unique things that Grienke does.

Includes stories on how he refused to throw bullpens, but ended up usinf them to develop new pitches and practice throwing at a specific velocity.

My favorite is his throwing hanging sliders to Votto on purpose because he knew Votto would recognize the spin and lay off.


I’ll always have fond memories of Greinke as an Astro and how exciting it was when we traded for him. His game 7 performance against the Nationals was also something I’ll never forget.


I hope JV gets a huge standing ovation when he returns to Houston this week. Having said that, I hope the offense wakes up and knocks him out early.


Keuchel to the Twins on a minor league deal. He’s been working at Driveline since last season and has gained a little velocity back. Tough road back given how far he’s fallen, but we might see him back in the bigs this year.