Ex-Astros News 2023

Brett Phillips to Angels.

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Correa now agreeing to a 6 year deal with the Twins for 200 million

…pending physical.

ominous organ music

I bet he really loves Minnesota and never really ever wanted to leave and is happy how things worked out.


I wonder if he already sold his house and moved his stuff out.

There is a streak likely to stagnate.

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They play in what is probably the weakest and most balanced division in baseball. Wild Card games are playoff games. He might get a chance.

Now that he’s in Minnesota permanently, he probably needs to make more room for his wood chipper and ice-fishing rig.

This makes it seem like he’s disposing a lot of bodies.

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Hold the breaks, they told him, “We’re not just going to give you $200,000.000! We’re Not A Bank, Carlos. You have to pass the physical first.”

“Eh, I was thinkin’ about getting rid of all these old medical records that were just lyin’ around. But, ya know, if Boras needs to use the chipper for something else …” shrug

Don’t know why I thought of this:


I really enjoy that guy, especially his throwaway shots at Illinois. Have you seen his “Invention of Ikea” skit? Priceless. Also HH, especially, would enjoy the skit about mixing Old Fashioneds.

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The Midwest Goodbye

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Josh Rojas worked out for the D-Backs but the other 3 players in the Greinke trade (including Seth Beer and Corbin Martin) have not…

BTW, Beer and Bukauskas were 1st rounders while Martin was a 2nd rounder. Rojas? 26th rounder.

I guess that’s why they were considered as tradable by the Astros.

Funny that Rojas was the one player Luhnow was balking at giving…that dude knew his shit.


When you see one player traded for four prospects, it rarely works out for the team getting the four prospects. Rarely.


From the other thread:

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