Ex-Astros News 2022

When father died. He didn’t make it as long in year time as chuckie, but was 94 age time.

Oh. Your posts are very hard to follow.

Understand. Kind of the death article, thought that was a given. But no problem.

You posted in the Carr death thread. Then you mentioned seeing Carr with your father. Then you said “He” passed. I think most readers in the Carr death thread assumed “He” meant Chuckie Carr. I certainly did.

should have been clearer I guess.

Moves to the Mets as their Director of Hitting.

OF Wilyer Abreu, the other player sent in the trade for Christian Vazquez, was also added to Boston’s 40-man roster.

Jon Singleton added to Brewers 40-man

Wow. What a comeback that would be.


He was getting paid by the Astros up until last year.

That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

A long time.


I was surprised also. Didn’t know still in the game.

Some combination hot stove/ex-Astro news: Teoscar on the move to Seattle. The Mariners are getting better again.

Does this open another potential destination for Judge?

Perhaps there was something beyond his stated reason for leaving the Cardinals…

If he takes the job it would of course be round 2 with the Rangers.

Shoulder massages clinched it for him.