Ex-Astros News 2022

AJ Hinch’s familiarity with him almost certainly a factor here…

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I don’t think it’s a stretch to think Roy O comes from a long line of moonshiners and is now taking the family business legit…

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I would think a bulldozer would have made it into the logo somehow.

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Jeff Albert, former Astros assistant coach who left after ‘18 to become STL’s hitting coach, has now let his contract there expire and will hit the open market. Mozeliak said he would’ve given him a contract so I don’t know what’s up there.

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Another coach with Astros ties is also not returning to the Cards staff—Mike Maddux. Former Astros pitcher and of course ex pitching coach at Round Rock.

Good people in a crappy or static/undynamic system have most of their “goodness” muted. Mediocre people in a good system are often attributed goodness that is not really there. As Astros staff and players continue to be poached, I suspect that the numbers that are good and go to good systems (and will have the associated success) will be much lower than most assume.

People still hire patriot guys hoping to strike gold

I read where Albert had his feelings hurt by the criticism he received about how he was doing his job. Which seems…odd. Maddux says he wants to slow down in life.

And now David Stearns is stepping down in Milwaukee, apparently remaining “in an advisory capacity.” He’s been a target for big-market clubs for years and speculation that Crane wants to bring him back has already begun. (I still think firing Click would be insanity.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Stearns ends up with the Mets. He’s from New York and the Mets requested to interview Stearns last offseason (the Brewers turned down the request).

Interesting look at OF Bryan De La Cruz who had his ups ands downs with the Fish this past season but finished strong and whose underlying metrics per MLBTR suggest a possible breakout in 2023…

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Mike Elias was in charge of the draft for the Astros when Daz Cameron was taken as the 37th overall pick back in 2015. Picks him up again today as the Orioles claimed him off waivers from the Tigers.

The Orioles also failed to pick up the $11MM option on Jordan Lyles

Braves have traded Odorizzi to the Rangers for Allard.

Member of the ‘97 club and later a minor league coach in the system for about 3 years.

RIP Chuckie B. Hackin’


Oh no! There’s not a month that goes by that I don’t mutter to myself “Chuckie be hacking’” when I see someone free swinging at anything in an attempt to accomplish some singular goal. I’m sure he leaves a legacy much larger than that but that little part of him will live on in me to the end of my days.


Saw him playing for the atlantic city surfs with my father. Told him he used to play for the Astros. He passed last year unfortunately. It was after he retired and started his next career as a small town mayor.

Chuckle Carr died Nov 13, 2022. That is this year.