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The Chinese continue to up their game. Here’s the latest from their #3 phone maker, entering the EV market, the SU7. The specs are impressive although, in classic chinese marketing fashion, they make Tesla look like an oracle of specification truth.

It’s a joint partnership between the aforementioned Xiaomi cell phone company and the firmly established, state-owned #5 automaker in China, BAIC Group.

Just for fun, here’s a couple of the very Porsche Taycan-looking knockoffs tearing around a frozen lake in Northern China:

The Chinese make all our shit already. The fact that it’s taken them this long to get going in earnest on copying our cars is something of a mystery.

From what I hear/read, Chinese cars are being well received in Europe and Australia. Inherent quirks in specs and equipment are more than made up for by the price. Quality control is decent too (better than a CyberTruck, but then a 1970s Jaguar had better QC than a CyberTruck).

Does my new powered reclining couch count as an EV?

I’m going to say yes.


April 1

Great editing.

Tesla completely whiffed at its Q1 delivery expectations, and the stock is getting pummeled as a result.

Go woke or go broke, though. Amiright?

Oh man, the Cybertruck add ons are insane. (Literally)

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That is some genius flimflammery. It’ll sell like hotcakes.

That EV slowdown you keep hearing about? It’s really a Tesla slowdown.

Volvos Evs are stylish and well priced, and don’t seem gimmicky.

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The EX30 is the darling of the YT reviewers right now.

Meanwhile, at Tesla…

It’s almost as if Musk made the whole thing up on the fly on an earnings call because his company’s stock price was getting hammered.


EVs are not good for towing; that’s not the issue here. The issue is that the manly-man of man-trucks is worse at towing than its nine year old design, cheaper SUV sibling.

You can lease a Hyundai Kona EV for $169/month and the interior looks like this.

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! You don’t have to go digging through the screen to turn on the A/C or crank your neck to see the speedometer.

Or you can pay over $100,000 for a CyberTruck, and get this…

Musk is killing the gold egg-laying goose.

Apparently the CT gets the accelerator stuck at 100% because the freaking pedal literally gets stuck under the “dash”.

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This is a very savvy observation.