Don’t remember if the article addressed that.

This article has some good figures:

The 58% number comes from 22% that received only the original series of the vaccine (for the original coronavirus variant) and 36% that received the first “booster” in late 2021. This data only goes through August so there is no data on the bivalent booster which was approved 8/31.

So, as of the time of this data, “fully vaccinated people” were still outnumbered nearly 2:1 in COVID deaths.

Likely that it’s mainly killing old people, who were largely “vaccinated” with the initial shots. Also, likely that if one takes the entire population, people who are completely boosted are far more likely to have mild cases when compared to the unvaccinated or unboosted. However, the most likely scenario is that people interpret it, and tell everyone, that getting vaccinated makes you more likely to die from Covid.

What were their other complicating factors?

But it stands to reason that it won’t be nearly as bad here.

Those people made a conscious choice and endangered the rest of us. I will feel sorrow for their loved ones, but it is almost impossible for me to feel sorrow for them.


This particular stastistic only means that the vaccine is not 100% effective. For example, if a population is 100% vaccinated witth a vaccine that is 99.999% effective, one would expect 100% of the deaths (attributed to the virus) to be in a vaccinated individual. The key statistics not given are that in such a population, the total deaths is a low number, particularly compared to deaths in an unvaccinated population.

The article Waldo links explains this and other reasons that the percentage of deaths in vaccinated is what it is, but don’t be misled by this nearly meaningless statistic.


Or the really terribly written headline without any context.


Exactly. If you had 1,000 people, 990 of them vaccinated and 10 not, and 5 unvaccinated die, as does of 10 of the vaccinated ones. The wingnuts would say “2 out of 3 deaths were among the vaccinated, therefore you’re twice as likely to die if you get vaccinated.”

Lies and statistics, and all of that…


Just found out my dad has COVID. Rats. He’s fully vaccinated and symptoms are mild, so that’s good. Alters my Christmas plans though.

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So sorry. Keep us posted on him.


Hope he recovers quickly. It is the fear i have for my mom. She’s done great avoiding it so far.


Hope it stays mild and he has a speedy recovery.


Thanks all. He has no other real risk factors, other than being in his 80s. Hopefully it stays mild.


If you are in a household where someone contracts Covid, the well practiced distancing practices work. My wife recently had Covid and self quarantined while we all wore masks and practiced good hygiene and none of us caught it. The entire household was fully boosted with the omicron booster as well and my wife took the antiviral cocktail within 48 hours of symptom onset.

All this to say, there are winning, science-based strategies here.


Trying to muster some empathy.

Nope. Don’t have any.

You hate to see it.

Oh look. The “some people are saying” that masks don’t work talking point came from one source, who was misrepresenting the findings of the study.

This one act likely resulted in thousands upon thousands of unnecessary deaths.

If this was the recently released study, I doubt it resulted in deaths, but it did highlight how disingenuous the author was and how stupid some readers are. It basically concluded that areas with mask mandates didn’t fare better than areas without mandates; it certainly did not conclude that maskless individuals fared as well as masked individuals. However, the general dumbass concluded “see, masks don’t work.”

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The lab-leak conspiracists have had a setback:

Raccoon Dogs

Asian wet markets are an absolute nightmare. It would be hard to create a better environment for viruses to jump species.