Some good news in a sea of bad: the World Health Organization has confirmed that dogs cannot contract or carry the virus, and that any quarantined digs can now be released.

In summary: WHO let the dogs out.

Please practice social distancing.


will be a relief to my eldest daughter…the one with the insane Boston Terrier(I tried to tell her anything with Boston in the name…oh well)

HISD cancelled classes until March 31.

My son is in the 13/14 yr old Little League Junior division. Last night we had a coaches meeting since Little League International has postponed all Little League activities until April 6. No games, practices or any other activities.

Not sure if the season will be shortened or shifted back at this point.

I’ve seen some teams lining up for the postgame high five and just tipping their caps to each opponent as they pass through the line rather exchanging fives. I’m not sure if that’s effective, but it is super cute.

UT President’s wife has tested positive and possibly another family member. That’s huge.

Was it the President or the AD? I had read that the wife of the AD, Chris Del Conte, and his child had caught it on a recent trip to NYC, presumably.

It’s Fenves’s wife, not Del Conte’s.

Thanks, I’ve heard too much these last weeks.

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The fantastic news out of China - that they had a day with ZERO new infections and have been able to ramp down their additional medical resources - enabled them to release medical supplies too. They sent 700k masks to Italy, who are in desperate need of anything they can get.

The shipment passed through the Czech Republic…who seized them for themselves. WTF?

To their credit, 110,000 were destined for Italy and when they realized that the Czech’s advanced that many of its own supply to Italy.

They just started drive-thru, doctor prescribed testing in Burnet County, and they found our 1st positive case the same day.

Austin people are driving up here to the grocery stores, in hopes of finding what they can’t get in the city. This is a big reason why our shelves are empty.

The Milam Greene distillery in Blanco has shifted their production into hand sanitizer, given away free to the public.

This has been your Hill Country Covid-19 Update

China is controlling everything said about them, so there is no news out of China until they let reporters back in.

Once this is over, we’ll have lots of time to talk about what China and the USA did wrong.

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Disagree, we are making decisions right now about what to do. Talk about at S Korea or Japan all you want but China is too big and too shut off to learn anything from either way.

We’re also getting ships of supplies from China. Everyone needs to play nice for a while, then we can assign blame later.

Dallas on lockdown. Only a matter of time before they do this in Houston, too.