Raccoon dogs are really common in Asia. I’ve even seen them in some parks in downtown Seoul but it’s a bit dangerous equating all wet markets with the illegal and extremely cruel ones that make up a minority in places like China and Southeast Asia. Wet market is just a term for a market that sells produce, seafood and meat, sometimes still living but mostly they’re clean, face strict hygienic regulations, and can be economically important for the people in the regions.

I’ve seen a wide range from nice, mostly seafood markets to dystopian hellholes with caged animals of different species on top of each other and others butchered together on the same block.

My understanding is that Wuhan was closer to the latter.

I’m just saying be careful and don’t paint that as the norm or even somewhat common across Asia. I’ve seen that too but the vast majority are not like that. If they were then we would have way more problems.

True. Also, I’ve never seen anything like what I’ve described in Korea.