College Football 2023

You have a great defense and play in the B1G West, you can get away with it. Not sure if they’re changing the divisions next year, but if starts playing real offenses, he won’t get away with it much longer.

The B1G, and SEC, will be done with divisions after this year.

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Texas is putting together a pretty convincing win, 50-7 in the 3rd.

On a kick six (in a way)

Hey Yormark, is Tech taking care of business?


They are certainly on the business end of an ass whoopin


Playing Yormark’s quote on the Jumbotron is salty as hell


College football is built on a bed of salt


Don’t get me wrong. I fucking love it.


Absolutely perfect. No notes.

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As we know, in the Big 12 all roads go through Lubbock.

Obligatory, Gus Johnson is already annoying me

Down goes Louisville.

That dude absolutely sucks balls.

Go Blue.

I had Michigan -4.5 in my pick ‘em contest. The last 3 minutes were agonizing.

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I wasn’t a fan of Moore’s play call on 3rd and 6 that made Michigan settle for a field goal because you knew Ohio State would sell out to stop the run. I thought play action would have stood a good chance of getting the first down. However, their pass rush on the final play forced the game-sealing interception.

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I was scared to death that that was exactly what was going to happen. Then Michigan would kneel out the game and I would lose my pick.

And on another topic, Okie State looks like they are gifting OU a trip to Arlington. That and a convincing win next week by the Horns would seem to be UT’s best route to the CFP, though I still see that as a long shot. Pulling for the Gators tonight, though.

Wazzu putting up a surprisingly strong showing against Washington. That would help, too.

If Auburn beats Bama, does Bama still go to the SEC championship game?