College Football 2023

Just glad I’m not a Patriots fan. Don’t think I’ve ever spelled their coach’s name right.

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Not gonna lie, it took me 2 seasons or so before I was comfortable posting our closer’s last name without checking google first

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That was a fun read :metal:t2:

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Somehow, that cupcake scored more on Auburn’s defense than Ole Miss or Georgia. A combination of a unmotivated/over confident team and a perfect game plan. They perfectly milked the clock and the throws that their QB made on 3rd downs and 4th downs were amazing. Two throws that resulted in toe tap touchdowns perfectly on target.

The ultimate ironies about the game:

  1. The same team stomped Freeze’s Liberty team the week he was named Auburn’s coach.
  2. In week 0, UMASS beat NM State. In week 1 Auburn killed UMASS.

I think #2 and that NM State, though 8-2, had only beaten one team with a winning record made them think they could walk on the field and win. Auburn got behind and NM State controlled the clock. Final time of possession was NM State 38:10 to Auburn 21:10. Auburn only had three real drives in the first half and two were 3 & out. The 4th was a two play drive before the end of the half.

Great coaching job by Jerry Klll and execution by his coaches and players. Auburns coaches & players should be embarrassed.

BTW if you have watched Diego Pavia play QB. He is impressive QB. Mix Brett Farve toughness with Doug Flutie size (Pavia is a bit taller at 6’ 200)

I haven’t followed closely enough, but as a Texas fan, I am interested: is the SEC going to continue with the cupcake week late in the season next year? It’s so lame.

Got the Aggies a win over ACU. To me, scheduling them late in the season is just as embarrassing as losing to New Mexico State. At least, I know about Kill and know they have a football program.

There’s help available:


I don’t defend the scheduling. It has been that way as long as I can remember. Either an off week before Bama or a weaker team. When they scheduled NM State they were bad. Kill has turned them around quickly. He is a good coach.

I can’t wait for Texas and Oklahoma to come in and I hope we go to 9 conference games. I want a break from playing the Alabama, LSU and Georgia every single year! Those teams have played for the national championship 10 in the last 8 years. Meanwhile Georgia and Alabama have played Vandy every year. We played them this year for the first time since 2016. The new model will lead to more balanced conference schedules.

That and the 12 team play off gives me some hope. The loss to NM State didn’t give me much hope for Saturday against Alabama however.

They just updated an old joke - from 4 years ago.

This is much more accurate:

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Not an SEC fan (#SicEm), but I’ve always thought that scheduling was smart. Playing an extra conference game before most other teams nets you 1) some extra attention and media coverage early on for being a big game compared to other sisters-of-the-poor non-conf games happening in week 1-3, and 2) a potential big win early in the season that can lead to big rankings jumps early on. Then having the cupcake game late gives you a chance to rest some guys, get guys healthy, etc. – you just have to take care of business.

It’s smart, but it’s also tacky as fuck.

And absolutely hilarious when one of those cupcakes pulls off a win.

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Yeah, it might be great for coaches and ADs, but it sucks for college football fans. It’s fucking mid-November with the playoff race heating up and they pull off this shit, every fucking year.

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And some years somebody steps on the rake and gets smacked in the face, which is also great.


Bout this time next year that’ll change

Difficult to schedule a non-conference game against a Texas power 5, there are only five possibilities and none of them are cupcakes.

I wonder what happened in 2011

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They couldn’t tell you, Johnny Manziel hadn’t arrived yet to birth the program.

Who had the over at 100 on OU/TCU?

Nebraska and Iowa play “punch me in the nuts” to decide the loser in their game. Sorry, Nebraska, no bowl for you.

Ferentz is the living embodiment of “he can’t keep getting away with this!”

I hope they get skullfucked in the B1G championship.