College Football 2023

ARGH. 5 yards clear and he under throws it by 10.

I don’t think his shoulder’s right.

And now Worthy is hurt?

His touch/accuracy has been really bad today.

Pretty fucking gritty win today.

How soft is Texas now, ISU?


That’s a pretty solid road W.

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The 21 carries for 9 yards vs 34 for 130 kind of soft


We just watched Whittington interviewed on LHN, and it was fantastic.

What a great guy.

So, IF the Horns take care of business (a big if with star players dropping like flies), who wins the tiebreaker to face them in Arlington?

Currently, I believe Oklahoma State because they have wins over both Oklahoma and Kansas State

There is SO MUCH great Twitter shit about the dumbass that ran his mouth about Texas being soft and entitled on Twitter right now.

BUT, the best of it all is this magic:

What I’ve read this morning confirms this. Additionally, Texas advances even without a win if KSU wins, or if either OU or OSU lose.

Byron Murphy on Twitter:

“9 yards rushing that’s all… don’t write no check you can’t cash little guy”

Find Worthy’s. It is the best Mark found last night.

“Yea we got a ego fasho and we got culture and the talent too never be loud and wrong @JarrodHufford hope u had a good senior night though,”

I missed it, but love that Sark made Murphy and Sweat captains. "“Making 90 and 93 captains was intentional,” Sarkisian said. "You want to call out our culture, I wanted them to look those guys in the eyes at midfield.

“I don’t know why you’d ever call them out … that’d be the last thing I’d do getting ready to play us But that was their choice to call them out and to call out our culture, quite frankly, that’s how we took it.”

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That’s a level of petty I can only hope to one day attain.

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Also Wittingham telling LHN “I guess we’ve got 5 star culture AND 5 star talent”

And the “little guy” from Murphy is what I loved.

I read that, as of last night, everyone was expected to play. I think Worthy was the only one who didn’t return.

ETA: not sure if Campbell came back, but I still read they expected him ready

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Spelling -5


Baxter really stepped up last night. I am happy for him.