College Football 2023

Despite all the upheaval of this summer, I am super excited to finally have games back starting this weekend. I love this stupid sport, it consumes my Saturdays all fall and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hopefully Texas will have a good season, I have high hopes. Don’t let me down, please.


I share the sentiments. I only wish there was at least one mildly compelling game in week one, but I’ll still watch some of them.

Oh you sweet, summer child.


Oh trust me, I know exactly what I’m setting myself up for. I will say that this season feels different for me. The last few years it was “I hope they win 10 but I’ll be happy with 7 or 8” this year feels like they should win 10. I know I’m setting myself up for a fall. It’s the hope that kills you, afterall.

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I was just giving you shit, buddy.

I’ll be sweating my ass off in Section 7 for all of the home games, hoping for greatness and expecting slightly above mediocreness.

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I would say there are no excuses for Texas not winning ten games this year - it’s the deepest roster they’ve had in more than a decade, with no glaring weaknesses at any position, and the schedule appears to set up well - but I’m trying to approach with cautious optimism.

It’s not a stretch, IMO, to say that the ceiling kind of depends on Ewers playing more like the guy we saw against Alabama and OU, as opposed to the guy we saw against Oklahoma State and TCU. All reports indicate that he worked his ass off in the offseason and that he looks dialed in during camp. He’ll have a ton of weapons around him and an O-line that hopefully keeps him upright.

This year everything runs through Lubbock.

I don’t care for that expression. Back where I’m from, we’ve got our own expression. More of a question really.

Do you believe in “Texas is back”?

I thought that was last year.

Wash your mouth out with soap.

Texas will be “back” when they string together multiple 9+ win seasons in a row and not a moment before


I will not have high hopes for Texas football until they go out and prove it consistently on the field.

In case my sarcasm was not clear:

Texas is a program with every conceivable resource available to it, and despite that has put together exactly two periods of sustained excellence in their history. “Back” is a myth. I’m looking for sustained competitiveness. With the 12 team playoff approaching there’s zero excuses to not participate in it regularly.


Define excellence.

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Even with that being the case, and I think that undersells it quite a bit. Only 3 schools have more wins, and only 7 current FBS schools have a higher win percentage(one of those is Boise State).

Totally undersells UT football in my lifetime. If “excellence” to him means only playing for NC, I disagree.


Able to compete for NC or at least clearly in charge of their conference. 63-77 and 2001-2009. Have they had moments in between? Absolutely - 83, 90, 2018, etc. But nothing else sustained.

After the last two seasons in Auburn, I am just hoping for a winning season and a decent bowl game. 7-5 would be great, 8-4 would make me euphoric. Anything better than that and the boosters will start talking contract extensions.

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The season really kicks off tonight. Florida at Utah. First time Florida is playing a P5 road game outside the state in 30+ years. Cam Rising is doubtful which is huge but I still think Utah finds a way to come out on top

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I am excited for this game, football in general.

I am curious how UH is a home underdog to UTSA on Saturday.