College Basketball '22-'23

We used to hang out at the park by the den, and the Perpetual Park Party during Spring Fair was right there. We were raising money for a new den when Shasta V died. It was a sad day. We actually hit up Robert Palmer, the singer, to chip in for the new den, but he never did.

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I’ve never in my life known a female human named Shasta. I know of a soft drink brand. A Mountian. A California county.

I’ve never known a human of any gender named Bevo either.

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Ah, you know the story of that name, I am sure.

I know the story. I am aware of the Bevo Mill neighborhood and the restaurant of that name in St Louis and the non-alcoholic malt beverage brewed by AB during Prohibition.

I’m all for honoring preferred pronouns but “She” is right in the name.

I have heard numerous stories on the origin of the name, including the most prominent one involving Texas A&M, but I’m not sure how much is actually true and how much is legend.

Well, believe it or not, I was not there when Bevo was christened. The story I have heard most is changing the 13-0 brand the Aggies put on him, but I also read a story about Bevo beer.

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Houston 2nd, Texas 4th.

I was always taught 13-0 as well.


Wasn’t 13-0 UT’s “official” account of the Bevo name for some time?

I have no idea what is/was “official.” I am repeating what I heard and read as I grew up.

Always thought the Coogs had a unique look with that old UH logo on the helmets and loved their old unis as well.
Can’t stand the new UH logo and when they go all nuts with all black, or white helmets, et al.
Then again, this the norm for collegiate tackle football these days.

I’ll now stop yelling at clouds and kids to get off my lawn.

UH basketball has started wearing the old 80s color scheme at home on occassion. White with red letters and numbers with red, white and blue piping down the sides and arond the collar and sleaves. I wish they’d go back to that full time.

Sorry, it’s mandatory that every team have an all-black uniform that they can trot out on occasion to demonstrate how bad-ass they are. The irony is that UH could wear Easter pink and still demonstrate how bad-ass they are by forcing 30 turnovers.

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I loved those old throwback unis too. And I wish they’d go back to wearing even numbers at home, odd numbers on the road. They were one of, if not THE last major program to do that.

And down goes #1 North Carolina…70-65 to Iowa State.

Fun game…Rick Barnes and Tennessee are doing the same to Kansas

If UH and UT just win today, come Monday, they will likely be ranked 1 & 2 in the AP and Coaches polls.

UH needs to get their shit together