College Baseball 2023

More dick dancing on both sides in a sloppy game. Now 5-4 OU after four innings.

Texas Tech walks it off with a 3 run ninth inning to defeat Oklahoma 10-9.

Mini Bedlam tomorrow with Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State in an elimination game. Texas Tech will have tomorrow off.

Kansas State takes a 3-0 lead over Kansas after two innings in the John Brown Classic.

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The game is being played in Underground Railroad Park.


Kansas State eliminates Kansas 7-1. The Wildcats will try to sweep two from TCU tomorrow.

It’s 5-0 Oklahoma State over Oklahoma after two innings of the Bedlamita.

Oklahoma State eliminates Oklahoma 8-3.

Big XII Conference semi-finals are set with TCU vs Kansas State Saturday at 9:00 AM Texas time.
Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech starts at 12:30 PM.

If Kansas State wins, they will play TCU again at 4:00 PM. If Oklahoma State wins, they will play Texas Tech again at 4:00 or 7:00 PM depending on the result of the other semi-final.

My alma mater beats the stanford fighting tree 14-4 to advance to the Pac-12 Beisbol Tournament Championship game against nike/phil knight u/oregano.

Needless to say, the BatCats are locked in having beaten the glorified junior college from tempe, walking off oregano lite/the dam-builders, and now run-ruling the fighting tree of stanford.

Hoping for a win against tomorrow against the quack attack to get an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament…

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The offense is one of the best in the country. The pitching staff is one of the worst. Hope the former shows up mañana. Still feels like the BatCats need to win the tournament to make the NCAA tournament.

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TCU eliminates Kansas State 6-3. The Frogs will advance to the finals tomorrow. K. State out hit TCU 12-3 but TCU manufactured some runs and the Wildcats gave them the rest.

Texas Tech vs Oklahoma State in the other semi-final coming up.

Oklahoma State is working Tech with an 8-0 lead through four innings. Tech’s pitching has been wafer thin all season and they will have a tough time absorbing a loss. If Tech’s feast or famine offense goes feast mode, then I suppose anything is possible.

Oklahoma State beats Texas Tech 8-1. The two teams will play again around 4:00 PM. The winner of that game will play TCU in the final tomorrow.

Keisel has pitched his ass off for OSU giving up only one hit through four innings. However, he got into a jam in the top of the fifth with two on, no out, and at 96 pitches, he got the hook. Blake into the scoreless game.

Texas Tech was able to put together a rally in the fifth. It is now 5-0 Tech after five innings.

Tech melting down in the 8th inning. A torrent of runs, earned and unearned has the game tied at 5 after eight innings.

OSU beats Texas Tech 6-5. Inability to make the routine play cost Tech the game.

Oklahoma State will play TCU for the championship tomorrow.

My alma mater comes up short in the Pac-12 Championship game losing to nike/phil knight u/oregano 5-4 (fun fact- the fighting cheerios didn’t have a baseball program from ‘81-‘07). Tough to watch some miserable first pitch outs throughout the game, but that’s been the UA offense all season- see ball, hit ball. They had one of the best offenses in the country.

The BatCats had a helluva finish to the season improving their RPI from the 120s to 41 and knocking off some big dogs the last 3 weeks, and their run in the Pac-12 Tournament was superb; I cannot be disappointed (suck it, tempe normal school). However, comma, I’m worried the stomping on the pecker UA did mid season may not get them in to the NCAAs.
We’ll find out Monday.
A girl can dream…

Great season, BatCats.

PS- puddles the duck can eat a bag of shit.

Vandy is SEC champ. Defeat 10th seed A&M 10-4. Vandy was the #4 seed.

The #NCAABaseball regional hosts are out!

South Carolina
Indiana State
Wake Forest
Oklahoma State
Coastal Carolina
Miami (FL)

8 SEC & 4 ACC. One from the Pac-12, Big 12, MVC & Sun Belt

TCU sweeps through the Big XII Tournament with a 12-5 victory over Oklahoma State.