College Baseball 2023


Ump should be suspended for a month or so.


His ego killed his integrity.


Good job by the catcher to keep the batter from being suspended for a long time.

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That’s freaking terrible.

That guy should not be allowed to umpire for a year or so. He was clearly on a personal vendetta.

Even Angel Hernandez thinks that was thin skinned.

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Hope he enjoys his summer vacation.

Imagine if MLB….

I don’t have to imagine, we’ve all seen exactly the same shit, just commensurately more subtle.

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Eric Gregg, Jr?

I think they have to “go for two” after 10 innings.


Texas Tech with a big comeback victory tonight in their Big XII opener against Oklahoma State. Tech was down 7-1 but came back to win 8-7 in the 10th on a misplay by Oklahoma State’s left fielder.

D1 rankings are out and there seems to be a dearth of Big XII teams. Texas Tech fell to unranked status after a lack-luster Shriner’s tournament in Houston is now ranked #14 after sweeping UT Arlington and winning two of three from then #12 Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State fell to #20 and West Virginia at #24 is the only other Big XII team to crack the Top 25.

TCU, Baylor, Oklahoma, and especially Texas are big time programs and I view their absence with suspicion. It’s early in the season and rating are volatile. Tech goes to Austin for a weekend series and I expect three tough games.

Texas takes the field tonight against Incarnate Word in search of a perfect 11-0 to complete the noncon portion of a long homestand. They have not played top-level competition during that stretch so no idea what to expect this weekend.

I no longer get LHN (not available on Fubo and I picked the Astros over Texas sports and all of the Turner channels) so haven’t seen a ton of games, but I follow them as much as I can. Pitching has been okay, for the most part. Feels like only a handful of real threats, offensively.

I’m hopeul they can play their way into the postseason but not expecting to see them advance past regionals.

Texas was substantially depleted after last year due to graduation and pro ball. I expect UT to struggle all year.

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Agree with the last sentence, but I’m much more bullish of them. Woody Williams has done a nice job with the staff, and there’s still room for more improvement. The bats have been better than I expected, and also have room for improvement. The infield defense is pretty poor, and that’s not an area I expect to ever be above average.

I can imagine a pretty solid team by years end, but not a real contender for Omaha.

Same here. Hopeful they’ll get better as the season progresses and the younger guys become more acclimated to playing D1 baseball, but not overly optimistic. If the Horns make a regional, I’d consider the season successful considering the attrition they had.

Same feeling I have for the UofA. Deep lineup, but they’re also relying on a lot newcomers to make an impact, especially on the pitching staff. Getting swept over the weekend by UCLA doesn’t assuage my doubts.

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