CFB 2022

“Computer access crimes”?

The co-ardinal way.

Or porn.

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I haven’t clicked on those links, is it Charlie’s son?

Weis vs. Weiss.

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Matt Fucking Weiss?

He got the email right in the tip of his browser.

TCU hired Kendall Briles for OC

Coaching salaries out of control, exhibit ad infinitum;

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Well, Louisiana.

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Math is hard when you get past two zeros

This is pretty awesome:

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Was that an extra $million for what coach now? I hope most of his money goes to the baseball players.

Not following. Is this a reply to Mark or about LSU?

Looks like t2 more years of Big XII play:

I’m not buying it. My money (maybe just hope) is still on 2024.

No way. The rest of the conference is eager to stick it to the two traitors.

From the reporting, it seems like the conference members are fine with the breakup, but Fox isn’t.

No fucking way in '24. And if I’m wrong I’ll be ecstatic.