CFB 2022

Look, I’m a pretty big UT homer, but whichever coach/staffer gave UT a first-place vote is doing an amazing job of trolling.

There’s also the (strong?) likelihood that someone meant to vote for Texas A&M. Though that would be dumb as well.

I’m sure whatever assistant SID that filled out the ballot got a chuckle regardless.

My pet theory is that it was the Alabama vote so that Alabama can say “look somebody out there thinks Texas is number 1” the week of the Texas game


For those that actually use twitter… enjoy
Check out the whole thread not just this video

Nebraska/Northwestern, in Dublin, has been a fun game.

Also, this:

Nebraska is unmatched when it comes to losing 1 score games.

Up 11 with 9 minutes to go in the 3rd, after 2 touchdowns in the last minute? Go for the onside kick of course. That doesn’t work and Northwestern “comes back” by Nebraska failing to score again. Casey Thompson has a really bad final 20 minutes, I’ve seen that before too.

Scott Frost 5-21 at Nebraska in 1 score games

I’m still trying to process how, apparently, in Ireland, when the systems go down it isn’t, Sorry, folks, we’re going to have to suspend service temporarily. Nope, it’s HEY EVERYTHING’S FREE FREE FREE

Goddamn European socialists. Free beer. In Ireland. What could go wrong.

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Ever seen an irishman who was denied beer?


No one has done so and lived to report back the reaction

No redemption for Scott Frost…or Casey Thompson. Thoughts and prayers.

Thompson looked really good for almost 3Q

Unfortunately, there are 4 quarters in a game.

2 quarters and 6 minutes

Nothing against Casey. He went where he could play.

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Nebraska will never be a top team again. Those days are gone forever.


I was told there were 4

Yeah, the steroid linemen and wishbone offense won’t work anymore.

They’re going to have to get Warren Buffett involved with the NIL action if they want to get top kids headed to Lincoln.

Brilliant. Every top-300 national commit gets 1 share of Berkshire stock. You could do it on a sliding scale too.

What I have against him is mouthing off he has been doing. I rooted for NW today.

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