CFB 2022

Texas official account just tweeted it out:

UT/OU start the SEC in 2024


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The article didn’t mention any agreements for Texas/OU to schedule B12 teams in the future. That was apparently thrown out there as a means to appease Fox, or as a condition imposed by Fox/B12 members for a 2024 exit.

Shocking development in an already tragic story:

That story or another about it says the female staffer was driving 104 with a blood alcohol of almost .2.

Wondering if these charges are inspired by the accounts of the two people who survived the crash.

Is “recruiting staff member” a common euphemism?

It is a title/job description. Most schools have them. Not a “euphemism” at all.

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I guess I was wondering about the description behind the job – carousing in the middle of the night with recruits of the opposite sex (can we still say “opposite sex”?) does not sound like part of any job description I have ever seen.


I think you are thinking of the “hostess” stereotype.

Here you go, snowflake.

They had just been to a banquet, left there for drinks, and were returning to campus. Your post is hilarious. They were employees of the Athletic Department, not floozies.

When I first heard the story of the wreck, I immediately saw a problem with a university football employee being with a football player at this time of the morning was a problem. This makes it even worse. Do universities have policies about outside relationships with students?

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Yes. Just ask Major Applewhite.


He was a coach, which is worse.

I do not know, Steve, if they both are students. Certainly every educational institution has some sort of rule about improper relationships between teachers, coaches, administrators and students, but I doubt even the strictest policies extend to purely social outings. No one has suggested yet that these students were in improper relationships.

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I would think a school employee getting drunk with a student and then racing over 100 MPH through the streets is not a proper relationship outside of GTA University.

Damn woke culture

Whatever you think. Someone who lives alone, and I am including me, may not remember what a relationship is.

Props to Jalen Carter’s agent and attorney’s for scheduling his plea hearing for the same day as the opening round of the NCAA tourney. Very little coverage. A week ago this would have been the lead story of just about every sports show.