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Mind’s a goddamn steel trap

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Here are some renderings of the proposed/planned Rays stadium.

Looks pretty damn sweet.

I also like that they included algae growing in the water feature on the bottom left.

That’s Booker Creek…a glorified drainage ditch. It ‘flows’ past the current stadium.

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From a business development standpoint, this is a winner. From a baseball standpoint, it’s a disaster. They’ll continue to get 10-15K max per game and will be stuck with the same corporate interests they have now. It will still be 30 to 50 minutes each way in stupid traffic for a majority of the area. Without effective and efficient public transportation, this remains on the fringe of the population center of Tampa Bay and all the folks that would have embraced a Tampa stadium will stay home. As they do now.


Sounds like Houston. How are the bike lanes in that area?

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I so want to punch that guy in the nuts.


Me too. Although, JV says he has a similar sleep schedule. I might still be running 4:15 miles if I slept 13 hours a day. Something to consider. Ha.

My bladder makes sure I don’t sleep too long.


My cat makes sure I don’t sleep too long.

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He should take some advice from his countryman

A monkey never cramps