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Started this as a potential repository for interesting baseball stuff we may discover wandering thru the wastelands of the interwebs and social media.


RIP Dick Allen

Nice words from Stone.

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Major League ump Brian O’Nora arrested as part of a prostitution sting:

MLB umpire among 14 arrested in Ohio sex sting operation (

Paging Mark Raup…

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There’s a robo-ump joke to be made here somewhere.

I don’t have much to add other than “yikes”.

Surely there’s some objective umpire measurement to the degree of “yikes”. We’re all counting on you.

I’d say this is Angel Hernandez in the playoffs level of “yikes”.

Even Joe West is disgusted.

This sad news could go in several topics, but I thought I’d leave it here:

Charley Pride has died at age 86. Complications from Covid.

He was a fixture with the Rangers from the time they moved here. He played in spring training games in the 70s, was a part owner (tiny percentage), sang for the players in the clubhouse, and performed the national anthem at the last game played at the ballpark formerly known as The Ballpark.

He also played in the Negro Leagues.

RIP, Charley.

He even single off Jim Palmer in an exhibition game:


That was a man who knew what he liked, and wanted to share it.

NY Times reports the Cleveland Indians are changing their name, no word on the new team name.

Maybe they can get together with that football team in DC and save some money by using just one focus group.

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“MLB confirms that the Cleveland Indians will henceforth be known as the Cleveland Football Team.”


My money says it will be Spiders

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Guaranteeing 134 losses the next season.

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Spiders is the perfect nickname, with a fitting heritage

That name bugs me.

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Sad about Charlie Pride. A lot of respect to that great man.