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Whitley has never played for the Astros.


His was an injury, but man, did I think he was going to be great.

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Carlos Gomez is by far the most disappointing for me.

Fuck that guy.


Jason Lane. Hit a ton in the minors.

Colin Porter is who I was remembering, but Charleston Jimerson (from year 2 or 3) would also be a good choice. Eric Ireland might fit in the pen.

Jason was always surprising though - not someone seen as “the next big thing”. He hit AAA mistakes but there were fewer mistakes at the next level.



Disappointment takes many forms. All signs really pointed to him being a special player.

Russ Johnson is someone I thought would’ve been a far better player than he was.

Floyd Bannister, although the Phil Nevin machinations which caused Hal Newhouser to retire deserve a special citation.

Wrong thread

Carry on

Chris Johnson, too, since we’re talking about our Johnsons.

You just reminded me of Cliff Johnson. Who actually had a pretty decent career. After he left the Astros.

Ty Gainey

I did not think he was terrible as an Astro. Lots of unrealized potential for sure.

I agree. He had a some pretty good years for the Astros.

Is my memory wrong that Purpura’s tenure was when Drayton stopped signing top draft picks?

Yes, culminating in the 2007 draft disaster—but unless Drayton told Purpura he’d pay over slot and then took the money off the table, Purpura and the scouting staff share the blame for not having gauged signability correctly.

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Basically everything involving Drayton and a GM from 2006-2011 was a clusterfuck of epic proportions.


2004 -2011.

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