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If you understand the whole VPN thing.

It’s not as complicated as it may seem. Hell, if I can figure it out it must be pretty easy to do. You get a VPN and then you set your location to a town outside of the Astros viewing area. Then connect to MLB.TV and select the Astros game to view. I have dedicated one of my older spare laptops for this purpose and when combined with a HDMI connection, I can watch watch games on my television. The only drawback is the action is always a minute behind Hudson’s TV.


The remedy to this is simply don’t visit the game zone until the half inning you’re watching is over. Turns out, that’s not nearly the sacrifice it may initially appear to be.


I do have a VPN that comes with my antivirus so I’ll give that a shot, and try @Col.SphinxDrummond’s latptop/HDMI/TV method.
thanks all!

Here’s what I done figgered out last year - the VPN I use, Surfshark, is insanely inexpensive, like $2 a decade or something, but it affects streaming performance in a noticeable way. If you connect to a stream using the VPN, once you make the connection you can turn off the VPN and, in my case, dramatically improve performance, and the host doesn’t notice that you’re no longer in Houston. So as far as I’m concerned that is an OUTSTANDING solution.

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I hate the VPN method only because it’s difficult/impossible with smart TVs.

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“I think most of our players can afford it,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman told Sports Illustrated


I have to get the game on my PC, which has a VPN, then Chromecast to my TV.

I have wondered if using my Roku TV, I could set my router up with the VPN and use the Roku MLB app.

VPN is an application on your PC/Mac that stands between you and network traffic. To my knowledge you can’t install applications on a Roku.

I was referring to installing VPN on the router that the Roku TV connects to, not on the TV.

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I watch all of the Astros games with the roku and MLB app. I’ve done it this way for 2 plus years since I moved and because of some rules had to ditch Directv. Only games I don’t get that way are when they play the Braves (I live in Georgia) or when they are on a national broadcast like ESPN. I don’t know anything about VPN as I’m not tech savvy. I’ve just got a Roku stick and downloaded the MLB app to it and logged in to the app just like I do with my phone. There is a definite lag of a minute or so if you’re following games in the game zone, but I can watch all the games just fine with a quality signal with absolutely zero issues. It’s been phenomenal for me.

Boo Hoo.

Yikes. Was it bad? I lost the feed in the bottom of the 9th.

Looked like he busted his knee jumping up and down while getting mobbed by his team. Carried off the field by trainers, couldn’t put weight on the leg. Really sucks for him and for PR.

And also… the Mets are once again Metsing before the season even starts.

Here is the aftermath

I should probably recant on my flippant attitude.

Jim Bowden saying it’s his Achilles. Not sure if it’s a report or just speculation, but I could believe it either way. Reminds me of the Kendrys Morales home plate injury from a while back.

Yeah, I don’t care if the Mets lose every game, but I can’t do anything but feel really bad for any injury, much less something like this. I mean, you see his brother, also a member of the team, standing there crying and I don’t know how you can feel anything other than real sadness.


With Bowden it’s almost always reckless speculation, no way its known already.