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Coach/Jim, we were passing through Pahoenix long enough to sit, get a bite to eat, uplift go- juice/gas, get new gate-lice/skin-bags/self-loading and unloading cargo/passengers, then head off to Cabo San José then Orange County.

Sorry to have missed you, but let’s try to meet up for a UT beisbol game or a cool one.
Hope all’s well, amigo.

Let’s go Astros :metal:

Figured you were only passing through. Holler at me any time.

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I got to wondering about whatever happened to former Yankees pitcher Chien Ming Wang while watching the WBC Pool A games in Taiwan and found this documentary on his comeback attempt.

As a rule, I hate everything about the Yankees, but I enjoyed it and also learned a few things from the documentary.

  1. DH - I had forgotten he was hurt running the bases in a game vs the Astros. Since the 'Stros move to the AL, I’ve come to accept and enjoy the DH, but for his sake, it’s too bad the universal DH was not in place.
  2. disposable talent - seems that the Yankees gave up pretty quickly on him despite how good he had been. Now I am not so surprised that teams like the SF Giants have found a way to reclaim or get the most out of pitchers others have given up on.
  3. baseball academies - He is finally able to make it back to MLB by going to Ron Wolforth’s Baseball ranch and was surprised to learn things there that none of his previous Major League coaching staffs had talked about (NYY, Nats, Braves, Mariners). Be curious to see if those of you more familiar with the inner workings of MLB teams think that is plausible.
  4. spring training - new appreciation for what the guys trying to make the final cut are going through.

For those with Netflix, it’s available there.

Yall can pass through the holler anytime.

Beer’s on me.

Took me a while to figure this out.

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Trevor Bauer going to Japan

Too close. Better, Mongolia.

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Making $3M + incentives. Lots of work to do to make back the $38M he lost.

Can someone who subscribes to the Chron give a summary?

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Refresh my memory here, but the problem with the former CSN Houston was the user fees and distribution contracts. A good bit of that was because the broadcast territories for the Rockets and Astros are not conterminous, and people outside the Rockets viewing area didn’t want to pay the fee. I assume that will not be a problem this time?

The Astros are the only reason we have DirectTV and have had for many years.


The MLB allows overlapping of territorial rights, the NBA does not, it’s all exclusive rights in the NBA.

The beloved Houston Astros are the only reason I have AT&T’s subpar ATT TV (whatever) here in Austin.
Aside from that, and the access to Three’s Company/OG Hawai’i Five-0 reruns, comma, it’s a piss poor product.

I wish there was a way for us cord cutters to watch the Astros other than signing up for cable/satellite or paying $70 a month for Fubo. The best we’ll be able to do out here on the prairie is get because they’ll be showing minor league games and I can watch the Skeeters…err…Space Cowboys (hopefully).

Might I recommend a VPN with your MLB subscription?


This is the way