Astros @ Rangers, May 23, 2022

Man, Javier’s arm is dragging. Elbow below the shoulder…

He will walk anybody. Elbow below shoulder is not good.

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Three straight walks load the bases…one out

Get him out.


Dusty was ok for last year but not now.


Strike out of Solak. Two out, and that’s it for Javier. Raley in

This is one of the things I do not get: Raley first LHP from the pen. Maybe the inning matters. I would be using Emanuel.


I agree. Emanuel would be the first lefty out of the pen for me too. Perhaps it’s because it’s only the 5th, but it’s a critical spot in the game

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Raley walks in a run

4 walks in the inning.

Exactly. Damn, Raley. Damn you too, Dusty

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What was the count on ball 4?


Rangers get a run without putting a ball in play.

Machete turned and was talking to HPU immediately.

Raley was eying the conversation as he walked off.

They could have gone up there without bats.

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The pitch CANNOT be close on 3-2. Make them hit it.

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Maybe we can get a runner to 2B this inning.

Bregman takes a meatball right down the center square, then is hacking at a pitch at his face.