Astros @ Rangers, May 23, 2022

Those 2 pitches encapsulate this series.

That was close at 2nd

Watched replay. Raley pitch was borderline.

Man, I want to see that play at 2B again

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And there’s another tattooed ball that finds leather.

Me too, I am stunned they didn’t look at it.

This game is a snooze fest.

Raley should have let that ball go. It was rolling foul

Bunt single, single to RF…two on after two pitches

Implosion in 3, 2, …

Dotted that nicely.

Great. Raley balks on an inning-ending strike out.

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A balk extends the inning.

Eddings with the call.

Finally gets the strike out.


Nice job pitching out of that jam.

What’s the consensus here on the balk call?

Radio team did not “see” a pause from Railey, apparently he was warned the 1st time…

Another fucking pop up.

Was close. No argument from me.

Second base remains elusive for Astro baserunners.