Astros @ Rangers, May 23, 2022

No score after one

Javier went 4 pitch walk, K, 3-0 then strike em out throw em out.

Can’t believe the Rangers sent that runner.

Astros get a 2-out walk from Tucker, who promptly gets picked off

No score

Let the dick stepping begin.

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Seriously. Lots of tripping over of the dicks this weekend…

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Bullpen has coughed up both.

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The bullpen has been on the hook for a large chunk of the team’s losses this far.



Stop it.

Positive Mental Attitude.

There’s no way these fucksticks can sweep us, right?


Those slapdicks from Detroit beat us like a drum, in our own yard. Anything is possible. Perhaps likely at this point.


You have to admire Javier’s brave battle against his severe allergy to throwing strikes.


I had fairly high hopes for the pen with Abreu, Paredes, Taylor, Smith, Stanek, and Pressly.

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Detroit + Covid

The best laid plans of mice and men…

I think we all did.

TK briefly reminded us a few games ago that some of those guys skipped a level or two last season.

So we’re watching some growing pains.

I don’t know if that makes me feel better or angrier.

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Not hits by either team thru 3…

Man I hate those powder blue uniforms.

They’re hideous.

COVID wasn’t why they gave up 6, 8, and 6 runs to that anemic offense.

Add to that injuries and the uncertainty of Covid and protocols. Still makes it hard to watch.