Astros @ Rangers, May 23, 2022

That’s a risky way to approach that catch, IKF.

Good to see the offense is mailing it in today.

Popping fastballs right down the middle up.

Think I’ll turn the game off and go about my day. If they don’t give a fuck, why should I?

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A hit! Woohoo!

I will also say Emanuel has earned a more important role. I hate Baker’s use of pitchers.


Raley has been better of late too.

I am drinking a beer and “watching” GZ. Come over here, and I’ll share.

Im drinking a beer too. Finished up the pressure washing, just in time for the rain. Now a Love Street and cigar.

True, but it sure as fuck didn’t help.

I can make it rain. If I go out to walk, when I get to the farthest point away from my house, it rains.


Like washing your car…

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Seattle weather in the Hill Country, I love it.

Just got my sous vide chuck roast out of the bath, mushroom sauce is done, about to pop my last daydrinking beer…life is good.

Will be better when we win this game.

It’s basically been raining for six days here now.

During Covid, day drinking is mostly what I have done. No one to hang out with at night.

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Much like most everything regarding the transplanted Washington Senators of arlington…

Your rain is on its way here.

Chas had a few good cuts in that AB.

Machete hit that one well

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If that ball found (fake) grass Straw scores easily.

Chas is coming on.

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Twice Javier has walked he 9 hitter