Astros at Guardians, 8/5/22


Meyers…0-2…1-2…2-2…strikes out swinging
Maldonado grounds out 6-3
Altuve pops out to shallow RF

8-1 Astros

Name that Astro:


I had the same thought. He could be very useful when the rosters expand and in the post season, should the Astros find themselves there.

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Rosario grounds out 4-3
Ramirez infield single on a chopper off of Bregman’s glove
Gonzalez grounds into 6-4-3 double play on the first pitch

8-1 Astros

I love double plays when we turn them.

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Pitcher’s best friend, On deck hitter’s worst enemy.

On Mark’s ‘97 Mac team, we had a good DP combo. It was so fun to watch them turn two.


Shaw in for the Guards

Gurriel lines a single up the middle
Alvarez…full count…foul…strikes out swinging
Bregman…fouling off pitches…works it full…singles to CF, Gurriel to 3B
Mancini grounds into 6U-3 double play

At the Stretch…8-1 Astros

On my HS team we had a SS from Cuba. Really great hands and quick feet. Every once in a while he’d throw one into the bleachers, but his glove was as smooth as a veal cutlet.

Mancini hit that one hard too. Nice compact, quick swing.

Cannot have too many guys from Cuba! A good defense wins a lot of HS games.

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I had the same thought. He could be very useful when the rosters expand and in the post season, should the Astros find themselves there.

Claim off waivers or wait until he clears waivers to sign him?

Am I right in thinking that if he is acquired via waiver claim, Astros (and not Redsox) would be on the hook for rest of his contract? Whereas if he cleared waivers, Astros can sign him for league minimum with Sox picking up balance?

For the Astros to be able to get him on a waiver claim, every team other than Atl would have to pass on him anyway, right? If so, why not wait until he clears waivers to sign him since Atl probably doesn’t need another outfielder?

Oh fuck, I do not know. Whatever you say. Just get him.


Naylor grounds out 6-3 in the shift
Freeman singles to RF, Miller to 2B
Maile grounds a seeing eye single to LF, Miller scores, Freeman to 2B
Straw doubles to RCF on the first pitch, Freeman scores, Maile to 3B
Benson…full count…walks to load the bases

And that’s it for Framber

Indeed. Our second baseman was good too. He was great around the bag. We caught a lot of guys trying to steal. We had a really good defensive team my senior year. Pitching was weak, however.

I don’t know either, was hoping someone more familiar with these rules can set me straight. I like the idea of getting him also.

Boy, Framber was cruising then….

Attaboy Martinez!

Great job, Martinez!


Martinez in for a tough spot

Rosario…0-2…pops out F4, IFF in effect
Jones, pinch hitting for Shaw as the Guardians have lost the DH…PONCHE!

Great job by Martinez, strands the bases drunk

8-3 Astros

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