Astros at Guardians, 8/5/22

Thinking about who goes if they activate LMJ. Cannot be Martinez, I do not think, but it may be. Abreu is the most erratic, but he has great stuff. Who am I forgetting?

I think of the A’s and laugh and laugh and laugh whenever Seth pitches.


According to Fangraphs

Stanek, Maton, Abreu, and Martinez have options left.

We know it won’t be Stanek.

You’re not forgetting anybody. One reason I can think of why you’d send Martinez down over Abreu is that you’d burn Abreu’s last option year.

This is the baseball equivalent of “first world problems”

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There ya go Jake


Abreu or Martinez will be the choice, I think. Won’t be Maton.

I do not like that choice. Meanwhile, Hunter Brown waits, and Paredes continues to get outs.

Vazquez to catch, please, the rest of the game.


De Los Santos in for CLE

Peña…0-2…chops out 5-3 on a nice play by Miller coming in
McCormick bunt single to 3B
Meyers doubles to LF, McCormick to 3B
Maldonado…0-2…foul…foul…flies out F7, McCormick scores on the sac fly…good at bat by the Machete
Altuve infield single to SS, Meyers to 3B
Gurriel grounds into FC, Altuve out 3U

9-3 Astros

So how does Dusty get home? Or is he stuck in Cleveland until he clears?


Gonzalez…0-2…dribbles up the 1B line, Martinez fields it and takes it to the bag. 1U
Naylor singles to RCF
Miller…0-2…strikes out swinging
Freeman…3-0…walks, Naylor to 2B
Maile flies out F8

To the 9th…9-3 Astros

Jim Bouton once said…if your plane crashes in Cleveland, you just hope it’s an inbound flight.



Alvarez singles to RF
Dubon in to run for Alvarez
Bregman grounds into 5-4-3 double play
Mancini grounds out 4-3

9-3 Astros

Damn, there goes the immaculate inning.


Abreu in to try to close it out

Straw…0-2…strikes out swinging
Benson…0-2…strikes out looking
Rosario strikes out swinging

That’s a winner!

9-3 is your final

All right another W.

That is the Abreu you gotta keep.

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Does Mancini have to rest tomorrow?

Two homers? Probably two rest days.

I can’t believe he didn’t homer in each AB.
He may be a waste of a trade.

(That is sarcasm).

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