Astros at Guardians, 8/5/22

Good to see Chas in the lineup. It was touch and go there for a while


Altuve…3-0…3-1…3-2…flies out F8
Gurriel strikes out swinging
Alvarez flies out F9 at the wall

No score

Dusty is out with covid.


Kwan…0-2…foul…foul…taps out in front of the plate…2-3
Rosario homers to LCF
Ramirez grounds out 6-3
Gonzalez grounds out 5–3

1-0 Guardians


Joe Espada calling the shots tonight.

I don’t know whether Hunter is related to Evan, but he sure looks like Florabami’s cousin.

Mancini homers. Imagine that.

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Bregman…full count…foul…foul…pops out F4
Mancini homers to RCF
Peña flies out F8 on a leaping catch at the top of the wall…hit it well, just a few inches short
McCormick flies out F8


Respiratory discomfort?

God I hope not. I really hate to see almost anybody with Covid, but Dusty’s not a young man.

If he is vaccinated, he’ll be fine.


Naylor…3-0…four pitch leadoff walk…none of them close
Miller strikes out looking
Freeman grounds into 5-4 FC…Bregman bobbled the short hop, so no chance for two
Maile singles to RF, Freeman to 2B
Straw grounds out 4-3


He’s vaxed

We would have heard about it when they played in Toronto otherwise

He’s been vaccinated since January 2021 and pretty vocal about it.

Machete is on fire. How long will the Meyers experiment last?

Yordan knew he just had to get a ball to the OF and the fleet feet of Martin Maldonado would do the rest.

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Watching game day. How does Machete score and Altuve stop at 2nd?

When Tucker gets back Chas to CF.


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