Astros at Guardians, 8/5/22

No chance for 3rd. They tried for him rounding second.

Altuve took a big turn to draw a throw away from home.

It worked; they cut it off and he scampered back.

So there was never a play on Machete? Or they hoped to catch Altuve napping??

ETA. Saw the response above. Good.

No throw home

Never a play.

Looked to me like they never gave it serious consideration.

Didn’t exactly come up throwing like a house afire.

Ball was in the gap. No one had a play at home.

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Grand slam Mancini. Imagine that.



Welcome to the Astros, again, Trey Fucking Mancini

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I think that new uniform fits.

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Meyers…3-0…3-1 at the chin…3-2…foul…strikes out swinging
Maldonado singles to LF
Altuve singles up the middle on the first pitch, Maldonado to 2B
Gurriel flies out F9 in foul territory on the first pitch
Alvarez singles to LCF, Maldonado scores, Altuve to 2B
Bregman…full count…walks to load the bases
Mancini…3-0…ball four up and in hits his bat knob…SALAMI!
Peña grounds out 5-3

6-1 Astros

Trey “Boom Boom” Mancini?

I wish Vazquez was half as happy to be here as Mancini is. Vazquez is grieving.

Start Trey Mancini every game, please.

We’re just lucky he got plenty of rest yesterday.


Mancini is a man that has spent his time traveling through the desert and sumbled into an oasis. I’d be insanely happy too

Edit with Vazquez I kinda get it. He has battled with the Astros in 17, 18 and 21 in the postseason, with that a certain level of distaste has to crop up. He’ll come around I’m sure


Kwan grounds out 6-3
Rosario lines out to RF
Ramirez grounds out 6-3

Nice quick 1-2-3 inning from Framber. Now back to work

6-1 Astros

Better than Shawn “Bobby” Chacon.

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We have him for two months; perhaps a ws ring will brighten his mood. He owes us performance regardless of his treatment by Boston