Astros at Buffalo, 6/6/21

Garcia’s cutter and curve are both filthy today.

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Strikes out the side.

I have no idea how Chas missed strikes 2 and 3. On a tee for him.

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Whatever, Jays.

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Man, the Jays have some live arms in their bullpen. I’m jealous.

Nice to see the Rose Family taking in the game.

Couldn’t see if Roland and Jocelyn tagged along.

Threw that fastball right by Jones.

It’s the same shitty ignorant chucklefucks who think Altuve had a buzzer under his jersey and that the Houston Astros are the most egregious cheaters in the history of mankind.
Fuck ‘em all.


Nice grab in the corner by Yordan.

Uh, Yordan made a nice play in the corner which apparently went unnoticed here.

Oops, too late!


“…and Yordan with the catch against the wall! We’ll check on the wall.”


Let’s get some more runs, fellas.

There is no context in which that guy lighting his hair on fire is acceptable.

Machete takes second.

You can’t coach speed.


Lourdes lost that one for a second.

Snow cone.

Might want to relook at that one.

Yep. Almost came out.

This guy won’t throw consistent strikes so Altuve and Correa swing at his bad pitches too.


Hope we don’t pay for it later.

Correa got a 2-0 fastball right down the middle. Not his pitch, I guess.