Astros at Buffalo, 6/6/21

Altuve with the lead off homer!

Altuve saying “Springer? Who is he?”

We have two threads on this game?

I’ll do away with mine if I can.

Chasmanian Devil!

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“Chazmanian Devil”

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I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Young bloods doing well this inning.


Machete bustin’ it down the line.

Dammit, Jose

It drives me crazy that Altuve, who didn’t participate in the banging scheme, gets booed the most. Is it because as the nominal leader of the team he is necessarily the face of it? Or is it because of one bullshit tweet by an anonymous asshole? Or is it because people think he should have somehow put an end to it? Or is it that none of them realize how uninvolved he was?

I’m just venting. I know it’s everything and more and mostly comes down to people being shitty.


Was just about to compliment the Stros on having some good ABs so far…then Altuve pulled whatever that was

Rational thought and facts do not matter. The mob says he is guilty. Hang him.

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What that was is zero situational awareness.


This .


Luis covered first immediately.

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Nice catch, Chas.

Rowdy Roddy Tellez was just thrown out 6-3 on the softest toss of Carlos’s career thanks to the shift.

Rowdy needs no extra nicknames, sir.

It’s a gappah!

Way to fuck it up, Bregman.

UGH, only a double?